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Saturday 21 April 2018



The Mace is gone
The Power is gone
The Authority is gone
The only value and symbol attached to the highest legislative chamber, especially in Nigeria, is gone.

The constituencies are jubilant.
Your esteemed and ostentatious Senators are retiring home.
Their representations which have become self-serving have so suddenly grounded.
Their home coming is imminent as they have become ordinary citizens with no more grandeur and immunity.

The absence of Mace in the chamber, connotes the absence of bills as enactment of laws can no longer hold.
State of anarchy unavoidably stares all in the face.
Clouds of uncertainty envelopes the red chamber and leave the occupants in dismay.

Only the wise in this moment of despondency, will comprehend that the adorned Senator has become a pitiable loner with no constituency to call his/her own any more.
The splendor and obnoxious riches attached, have all lost their bearings.
Absence of Mace in the Assembly significantly means voiding of all pending bills.

The legislative coup carefully plotted and executed in the red chamber of the Nigerian National Assembly, has given a distinctive definition of what version of democracy subsists in this part of the world.
What a shame of a country to humanity!

The bizarre show of shame displayed in the Senate is an unrestricted invitation to the Executive arm to take control.
There is no more Judiciary, there is no more Legislature.

The era of the Military has once again been beckoned on.
The anti-Fulani chamber has been driven into oblivion.
The cabalistic bigots have been officially introduced into the scene.
Oh yes, the call says, come and fully take over your father's estate for the coast is crystally clear.

This is the time to arise and avert the looming death, destruction and devastation.
The very courageous few speaking on your behalf have been caged and rendered impotent.
The luminous light given to guide your path, has been taken off.
Gloom and doom now take the centre stage.

Who will deliver the weak from the mighty?
Who will console and comfort the afflicted?
Who will confront the giants?
Who will charge against the enemy at the battlefield?

The messenger's voice has been shut down.
The message was discountenanced.
The messenger was martyred.
Nnamdi Kanu's mission on earth for his people has been accomplished.

The foundation is ferociously quaking.
The building walls are cracking and crumbling.
The pillars are giving way.
The roof has been blown off.

The sun cannot be withheld from rising.  It is inevitable.
The jubilation and joy of the people are irrevocably certain.
The people's hope is yet strong and intact.
Most assuredly, the Biafran nation is here with us.
Yes, her total restoration is uncompromisingly accomplished.
Biafrans have eventually arrived their redemptive destination.

It is settled!

Written by Paul Emerenini
For Family Writers Press

Edited by Peter Oshagwu
For Family Writers Press

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