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Tuesday 29 May 2018

30th May: Why People from Cross River State must obey the 'SIT AT HOME' order

30th May: Why People from Cross River State  must obey the 'SIT AT HOME' order

By Loveson Agweye
For Family Writers Press

First they moved the Capital of Nigeria from Calabar to Lagos without any tangible reason. They ceded the only oil rich part of Cross River (Bakassi) to Cameroon for their selfish reasons so that Cross River will remained empoverished and undeveloped. The current APC government  cancelled the only railway project linking Cross River with Lagos and other parts of the contraption called Nigeria.
There is no Federal presence of any sort in Northern Cross River State. As you know, there is no Federal University in the whole of Northern Cross River State.
The only available job you can find around Cross River especially in Northern Cross River is a teaching job. As old as Ogoja province is, it remains the only province not yet converted to a State.
The first bomb against Biafra during the War was dropped by the Nigerian Military in Obudu/Ogoja axis of Cross River State, this is indicative of their hatred for our people in order to  exterminate us totally. What a cruel world!
No single grant is given to farmers since the indigenous occupation of the people of Cross River is farming.
Only in Biafra can true federalism and development be guaranteed!
My good people of Cross River State, I beckon you people to please 'SIT AT HOME' on the 30th of May to honour our fallen heroes and heroines.

Biafra is our only hope!


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