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Wednesday 16 May 2018



By Ben Alvin Obi, for Family Writers Press.

My primary and specific objective for writing this article is to let our people know the reason why we must obey the "Sit at Home" order given by the leadership of the Indigenous People of Biafra. My advice is that Biafrans must obey the order as a united force to respect our fallen heroes and heroines and for the restoration of Biafra.

I have always wanted to ask these questions; why is it that when you go close to a security personnel or gateman mainly from Hausa\Fulani breed you will see him listening to nationwide radio news in Hausa language? Why is it that the people anchoring in those radio stations have not been arrested or proscribed by the federal government as terrorist or charged to court as  treasonable felony like they did to IPOB?

Through the Hausa\Fulani radio stations, they are well informed on when to leave a particular area/place or environs,  especially, where there are tribal or religious issues and they are always advised to run to the nearest Police Station for safety. Here in Biafra land, our political mongers who are only interested in their personal interest  fight against Radio Biafra. In Imo State for instance, as a case study, Radio Biafra was streaming very well but after a while the Governor of Imo State, Rochas Okorocha hacked it down instead of supporting his people.

There is this proverb which says, an uninformed person is a deformed person, and another proverb also says that information is power. For some days now, the 30th May, 2018, "Sit at Home" order given by the Indigenous People of Biafra in remembrance of our fallen brothers and sister killed by the Nigerian government during the War and till this moment, even under the watch of President Muhammadu Buhari, has been on the news all over the world both in the social media and other media platforms.

What will it profit you to campaign for Nigerian politicians; for just five thousand Naira  which expires than for you to obey the "Sit at Home" order given by IPOB and put your efforts to work towards Biafra restoration with IPOB?

Going by what is happening in Nigeria today one needs to advice himself while dealing with the Nigerian politicians. The politicians you voted for few years ago are also the same set of politicians you will still vote into power again and Nigeria remains the same.

There is this Igbo adage that says, "ijiji na-enweghi onye ndumodu n eso ozu ala niyi/na-ili"; which means that the "fly that refuses or fails to listen to advice is liable to die untimely death"; until you follow the instructions given by the Indigenous People of Biafra you will continue to perceive/experience the suffering and killing of your loved ones. One day it may be your turn or your relatives to die in the hands of these terrorists. That is when you will know the essence of togetherness/oneness (Igwebuike). The Indigenous People of Biafra is therefore calling on all  Biafrans all over the world, friends of Biafra and lovers of freedom to "Sit At Home" on 30th of May, 2018, in Biafra land and rallies for those living outside the shores of Nigeria.

We, the members of the Indigenous People of Biafra have also cautioned all our people that your voters card will never ever lead you to your freedom. We have also warned all Biafrans all over Biafra land and all over Nigerian territory to boycott all the elections in Biafra land and stay away from these murderers and criminals walking about as politicians.

Let us join hands together to remember our fallen heroes and heroines, let us work together to achieve Biafra. Obedience is better than sacrifice; do not forget that the more we remember them, nearer Biafra comes!


Edited by Peter Nonso Ikeh, for Family Writers Press.

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