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Sunday 13 May 2018



Written by Nwafor Somtochukwu Aloysius, for Family Writers Press

I have heard and read stories of how the Nigerian government always crushes every Biafran that raises his or her head in greatness.

I have always been conscious of the humiliations our intellectuals and best-brains have continually suffered in the hands of a hostile government of Nigeria. I am pained because of the enormous and numerous talents, dreams, visions and aspirations of Biafrans that have been suffocated to death by the Nigerian government, just because of the deep hatred for Biafrans.

I am particularly perturbed now more than  I used to, because this humiliation and dehumanization of Biafrans is happening before my eyes and even degenerating into something unheard of. The Nigerian government out of its sheer hatred and tribalism never wishes to see Biafrans showcase to the world their incomparable intellectual prowesses and supernatural potentials. Even in the face of their suppression, Biafrans are still pressing forward. Biafrans are still the economic backbone of Nigeria, the most educated, the most industrious and the most intelligent people in Nigeria. In the late 90s to early 2000 the following mega companies owned by Biafrans were shutdown by the Nigerian government; Ibeto Group, Nkalagu Textile Mills, Guinea Breweries, Standard Shoes, Avutu Poultry Farms, Savannah Bank owned by Jim Nwobodo, Eagle Cement, Nkalagu Cement, Stanpol Ceramics etc.
Today, Capital Oil, Innoson Motors, Emzor, Sea Horse Lubricants and many others are about to meet  same fate with the above mentioned companies that were shutdown by the same government.

Importers and Exporters are facing their own grave humiliations. Custom impounded goods owned by Biafrans is worth more than hundreds of trillion pounds.

How about footballers, musicians, technicians, even politicians are not left out of this same policy of destruction.

It is no doubt  that Biafrans are always victimized in all ramifications in this enclave called Nigeria. However, the Nigerian government has made itself a hell bent on crushing and frustrating the dreams and visions of every Biafran who in one way or the other showcases his intellectual prowess in the enclave of Nigeria.

Nigeria gets furious whenever they see Biafrans displaying their God-given prowess , especially when it comes to the display of their technological knowhow. It has always been so since after the Civil War till date.

It might interest you to know that a Biafran who manages to find his or her way out of Nigeria to the Western world where talents  are celebrated  and unwittingly harnessed even by mere government policies, that Biafrans become epitome of greatness and definition of success. A spotlight that is glowing even beyond the shores of Europe. Most Biafrans outside the shores of Nigeria, have set numerous ground-breaking records that will take centuries and generations to be broken. Many Biafrans outside Nigeria, are leading a life that are not just worthy of emulation, but a life of what true inspiration, success and greatness depict.

The Nigerian compromised media on the other hand will run agog on reporting and taking glory on the successes of these Biafrans who set ground-breaking records outside Nigeria.
Meanwhile, these are  same people that were sidelined, marginalized, persecuted, grossly abused and tormented by the government of Nigeria.

It is obviously undisputable that Biafrans do not have a future in the present day Nigeria. Biafrans will never prosper politically and technologically in this contraption called Nigeria. Nigeria has in an uncountable ways proven to Biafrans that they will never prosper within her territories. It is only in Nigeria that the government has a policy which  destroys human potentials and tenacious talents targeted at a particular set of people (the Biafrans). It is in Nigeria that some people (Biafrans) found themselves  in a wrong  country ( the south-south and the South-east) while others( the northerners) are born to rule. I do not want to talk much about this because it is traumatizing.

The truth is that we need to urgently restore Biafra, for that is the only escape route for us as a people. With a free Biafra we will rebuild our land and not just our land alone, but the whole of Africa. Yes Biafra will be a fierce, electrifying, and formidable "force" that will unlock Africa's greatness, shatter Africans mental slavery, destroy the age long "white supremacy" and place Africa on the horizon of being the best and ever existing continent of the world. Support the restoration of Biafra today, a nation that has the KEY to Africa's greatness. Seek for Biafra's freedom today for she is a nation that has the solution to all Africa's problems. Declare Biafra a free nation today and watch the world stand in awe of her greatness within a space of 10 years.

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