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Sunday 20 May 2018



By Christopher Otu Ezeali
For Family Writers Press

It causes me sleepless nights as Nnia Nwodo is still parading himself as a relevant personality in Igbo land and this has prompted me to decimate his claims as the Igbo proverbs says "show dog the bedbug you removed from his body"

Firstly, let me educate Nnia Nwodo a bit:

Who is a leader?

1, A Leader is a  person who e.g controls or commands a groups of people or a country etc.

2, A leader is someone who is in charge and can influence others to willingly submit to his leadership

Qualities of a good leader

1, Honesty, integrity
2. Able to inspire others
3, Commitment
4, Good commenter
5_Quality decision maker
6,  Accountability
7,  Delegation
8,  Creativity

1, HONESTY - it is on record that since Nnia Nwodo assumed office as the president -general of ohaneze Ndigbo, he has been controversial regarding the Biafra struggle.
On 13/06/2017 in a press released in sun newspaper Nnia Nwodo said that BIAFRA is inevitable.
On 15/12/2017 he said again that we should forget Biafra.
You can see that Nnia Nwodo is not sincere to himself and to Igbo people he claims to be representing. He has integrity problem.

2, ABLE TO INSPIRE OTHERS- Because of Nnia Nwodo's inability to inspire those he claim to lead, he has been leading them like a tyrant. That is one of the reasons youth wing and women wing of ohanaeze with other groups in Igbo land accused him of running affairs of ohanaeze as his personal business and family affair.

3, COMMITMENT: Nnia Nwodo leadership of ohanaeze is like a wheel chair that barber turns any direction he likes. That is how his Fulani caliphate masters are using him against his people.

4, GOOD COMMENTER - Nnia Nwodo's public utterances on the things that matter so much to Igbo people e.g Biafra are usually kindergarten, always standing as opposition to Igbo interests and he is inconsequential because none of his press releases has been commended by anyone especially his people, Igbo people.

5, QUALITY DECISION MAKING: Nnia Nwodo has never called for any town hall meeting with the Igbo people, those he claimed to be representing and  asked them their need, while the northern elders always have meeting with Arewa youths before taking decisions in public and any decision whatsoever on their behalf.

6, ACCOUNTABILITY- Since Nnia Nwodo started as the president-general of ohanaeze, he has never given Igbo people any good report or any positive and meaningful result on any issue concerning them, , instead he brought deaths upon our youths, harm, calamity,  abomination etc in Igbo land to the extent of given a foreigner and killer of Igbo people (Buhari) a chieftaincy title in Ebonyi province.

7, DELEGATION -as a leader, Nnia Nwodo claimed to be, how many times has he sent delegates to pay a solidarity visit either in court, any day our people are in court or Kuje Prison to see our brothers that are  unjustly incarcerated. But he is gallivanting up and down speaking about restructuring just to deceive our people with restructuring.

8, CREATIVITY: about fifty years plus ohanaeze was founded, what benefit has it brought to the Igbo People? Nothing! There has not been any project initiated or commissioned by ohaneze ndi Igbo.

From the above explanations of who a good leader should be amongst others, we can vividly state that Nnia Nwodo fall short of a good leader. He is completely opposite of who a good leader is. No wonder he has committed and still committing numberless atrocities against ndi Igbo. But this time around, he will not succeed against us. That restructuring summit he has planned with his Fulani masters to deceitfully use and enslave us the more will not be allowed to hold in our land.

God bless IPOB and Mazi Nnamdi KANU as we sit at home on 30th May, 2018 our heroes and heroines remembrance day.

Edited by: Her Excellency Oluchi Christy
For: Family Writers Press.

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