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Monday 23 July 2018



By Kalu Nwokoro Idika
For Family Writers Press


In today's intellectual discourse, I shall be taking time to expose and shred the lies of those unrepentant PVC campaigners. I mean, those short sighted political analysts who sheepishly believe that the possession of Permanent Voters Card will solve the problem of leadership failure that characterises the dying Lugardian edifice and the devil's abode called Nigeria for more than 58 years. This intellectual marathon will sumptuously herald the obituary of PVC campaigners and more ultimately, cement and solidify the position of IPOB in boycotting any future election in Nigeria.

The term PVC under the context of the  Nigerian electoral system simply connotes, Permanent Voters Card. Constitutionally, before one can qualify to vote in any political election in Nigeria, the person must possess either PVC-Permanent Voters Card or TVC-Temporary Voters Card. For clarity sake, according to the electoral Act of Nigeria, the possession of PVC is one of the major prerequisite for any adult to participate in political elections

Formerly, this frenzy for the procurement of PVC was not there. Moreover, since the return of democracy in 1999, Nigerians can vividly attest to the fact that their votes have never counted in any election in Nigeria. Any Nigerian that will stand so tall and make it bold that their votes have ever counted in any election must be suffering from a grave delusion. The person must be among the political shenanigans dragging Nigeria into the pit of hell.

For the avoidance of doubt, electoral fraud was incubated, hashed and institutionalised by Mr Olusegun Obasanjo, the former president of Nigeria. He started the institutionalisation of electoral fraud by bringing an erudite scholar, a well established pharmacist in the United States of America called Maurice Iwu to head INEC. Iwu, being a willing and vulnerable tool unfortunately became a political turncoat in the hands of the president. He dictated who wins and who loses in any election. INEC officials were rather tutored on how to rig out any candidate who was not in the good book of Mr president. The electoral body called INEC became morally and politically bankrupt.

This rigging cankerworm will continue unabated in Nigeria. The lopsided and corrupt disposition of Nigeria has made it in a way that any individual that controls the presidency can potently exercise preponderance influence on this electoral umpire that claims to be independent. There is no president that served in this British killing field called Nigeria that did not frighten INEC to play to the gallery in one or two ways. This is a fact that cannot be pushed out of the picture.

The owners of Nigeria (Britain) did it for Obasanjo in 1999. Then the rigging baton was handed over to him in 2003 which he further consolidated in 2007 by arrogantly bringing Yaradua and Jonathan on board and gift them the presidency without considering the wishes and aspirations of the electorates.

Yaradua and Jonathan amplified the rigging madness. Though, it was Jonathan who somewhat gave PVC a little political live wire because of the various electoral amendments that was orchestrated under his political stewardship. In 2011, PVC became a sought after commodity by politicians. Instead of standing as a weapon of changing an unreasonable and inhuman government, it ended up becoming one of the means of preying on the electorates who are engulfed in the worst poverty of the mind occasioned by the careless actions (bad governance) of these same leaders. PVC unfortunately became criminally monetized. The hydra headed posture of poverty in Nigeria has stupendously contaminated and dwarfed the psychic of the electorates so badly, therefore making them to conceive the possession of PVC as the only possible means of getting a momentary and ungratifiable share of the national cake from these political scavengers masquerading as leaders.

Concomitantly, can the PVC stop the influx of Chadians and Nigeriens into Nigeria whom the political elites in the Northern part of Nigeria have been dubiously using to rig the election in their favour? The borders in the Northern part of Nigeria are let loosed for these aliens to flood in. INEC, as a tribalistic institution affirmatively carries out the registration of these aliens without considering what the law says. How can the proponents of PVC reconcile and close up this perennial lacuna?

Whomever that is still believing PVC can arrest the usual narrative that is obtainable in the Nigerian electoral system must be very naive. One very important question that these gullible PVC campaigners have failed to ask themselves is, after voting for the so called popular choice of the people with all the PVC's at their disposal, will the person function beyond the confines of the fraudulent 1999 constitution? Definitely, the person must surely hibernate and Summersault under the military constitution Abdulsalam Abubakar and his well wishers handed over to Nigerians. The 1999 constitution of Nigeria is among the monstrous problems sapping the entire political system to death.

I know, the last one week has been a very difficult moment of sober reflection for the proponents of PVC. The outcome of Ekiti State election dazzled and flawed the warp argument about the use of PVC to turn the political tide in Nigeria for good. Nigerian politicians are really smart and wicked. They intentionally create an artificial poverty among the people via obnoxious policies and use the same pathetic situation to prey on them. Remember, a hungry man, is an angry man. During elections, instead of the voters to be more concerned on how to ensure that their votes counts rather they become more engrossed in counting how much they may likely realise by selling their Permanent Voters Card to the highest political bidder. They evidently appreciate the logic that their votes can never count no matter how hard they try.

The result of Ekiti State election notwithstanding, deflated and buried the argument of PVC bandwagons. The cataclysmic failure of political leadership in Nigeria cannot be salvaged with millions of voters card. It is a foundational problem. Elections in Nigeria have never reflected the wishes of the masses and will continue to be so even in the next 200 years. Nigeria was designed to fail because it was created out of selfishness and greed. No amount of PVC will remove Mr Buhari and his co travellers. They are determined to maintain the status quo. They will use military might to muzzle and chew any opposition by hook or crook.

I must warn Nigerians again! Permanent Voters Card is nothing but a glaring fiasco. Boycott! Boycott! Boycott should be the theme song of every reasonable Nigerian. By boycotting the election, the entire political system will standstill and those political leftists that feels the unity of Nigeria is not negotiable will take to their heels. Nigerians must rise to the occasion of taking the bull by the horn.

The problem of leadership failure in Nigeria can never be solved with PVC. Nigerians should stop side stepping like wimps and embrace reality. To solve the myriad of problems that is plaguing Nigeria, there must be a round table talk! The sanity of this unholy matrimony called Nigeria must be questioned. We must begin by asking all the actors who were forcefully conscripted into this very union if they still want to remain in it. And this will be done through a well organized and supervised referendum.

Nigerians must shine their eyes! The opportunity presented to them today might not be there tomorrow. 2019 is almost here. Tell any political agent that comes to your home preaching about election and PVC to get behind you. They are agents of servitude. Elections in Nigeria have never yielded anything good. Elections in Nigeria is all about the recycling of political rogues who come to perpetuate poverty and wickedness.

The evangelists of PVC must henceforth desist from their malicious and misleading  message. Innocent Nigerians should not be lied into believing how a PVC that could be sold for a pot of yam can be used to rescue a system that is gasping for political air.

We must boycott! Boycott and boycott any election in Nigeria. Nigerians should join hands with IPOB as we collectively work towards ensuring the renegotiation of the unity of Nigeria through referendum and not by the barrel of the gun.

You can email Kalu [email protected] or follow him on Twitter @KaluNwokoro

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