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Monday 20 August 2018



Fr. Felix Akam in one of his article titled “Let the Funeral Begin” philosophically explored, "Friedrich Nietzsche saw ahead of his time. He crafted a parable to describe the winds of disbelief that would blow over modern Europe. A mad man lit a lantern at noon and went into the public market looking for God: “Where is God?” Mocked by his townspeople in an escalating series of exchanges, he finally threw the lantern to the ground. It shattered and the light went out. “God is dead,” cried the madman, “and we have killed him.” “Let the churches begin the funeral”. Nietzsche used the phrase in a figurative sense, to express the idea that the Enlightenment had "killed" the possibility in a belief in any god having ever existed.

While everyone laughed, Nietzsche said that his generation was not ready for the news but when it would reach the ears of the future generation, the horizon would vanish. While people went about calling Nietzsche names, they got dizzy with loose morality. By the mid-20th century in Europe, the mad man’s news had arrived. It was all odds against Christian morality. What’s more? Christianity that was a bigger community, became a little church in a much bigger world.

When Mazi Nnamdi Kanu started calling Nigeria a zoo, people laughed at him. When he burst out in court with handcuffed fists that Nigeria will fall, people laughed and called it a melodrama of a fraudster. Nigeria moved on as usual. Where are we now? A bleeding economy, a fragile sovereignty! Nigeria is indeed dead.

The show of shame has continued in Nigeria, where the poor man in the street live in fear of Nigeria uniform or Nigeria terrorists using uniform as camouflage, if is not Fulani herdsmen attack it will be Nigeria police, SARS, Military etc.

The ugly incident of 1929 is trying to repeat itself. You can still recall that, the riots or the war, led by women in the provinces of Calabar and Owerri in Eastern Nigeria in November and December of 1929, became known as the “Aba Women’s Riots of 1929” in British colonial history, or as the “Women’s War” in Igbo history. The revolution broke out when thousands of Igbo women from Bende district, Umuahia and other places in Eastern Nigeria traveled to the town of Olokoro to protest against the Warrant Chiefs, whom they accused of restricting the role of women in the government. The Aba Women's Riots of 1929, as it was named in British colonial records, is more aptly considered a strategically executed anti-colonial revolt organized by women to redress social, political and economic grievances.

The protest encompassed women from six ethnic groups (Ibibio, Andoni, Orgoni, Bonny, Opobo, and Igbo). It was organized and led by the women of Owerri and Calabar provinces. Using the traditional practice of censoring men through all night song and dance ridicule (often called “sitting on a man”), the women chanted and danced. During the events, many Warrant Chiefs were forced to resign and 16 Native Courts were attacked, most of which were destroyed. The War took months for the British Government to contain and became a historic example of feminist and anti-colonial protest. When Colonial Police and troops were called in, they fired into the crowds that had gathered at Calabar and Owerri, killing more than 50 women and over 50 others were wounded. During the two month clash, at least 25,000 Igbo women were involved in the protests against British officials.

Nigeria government led by APC under Muhammadu Buhari and his Deputy Yemi Osibanjo are steering the country toward a sea of self-destruction so deep that even the greatest horror writers are and will be unable to fathom its depths. The world should as a matter of urgency call Nigeria government to order and warn them to stop harassing our mothers protesting and demanding for the release of their son, Our Supreme leader and Director of Radio Biafra, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and his parents whom Nigeria government abducted since September 14, 2017, during Operation Python Dance 11 which led to the death of thousands of IPOB in Abia State. These women has done nothing that would warrant their arrest by Nigeria Police, they have not destroyed anything nor have they harassed anybody. They are only expressing and exercising their constitutional right.

From IPOB deputy leader Mazi Alphonsus Uche Okafor-Mefor he wrote, “The molestation of, the inhumane and degrading treatment meted out to and the violations of the rights of our mothers and infringement on their freedom to a peaceful protest and of association is an assaults on all of our rights and against our very essence as a people." Consequently, the Nigerian state will never know peace, as this barbaric act has opened up a new front of RESISTANCE in Biafra restoration struggle.

We must support our mothers' right to freedom of association, of opinion and of assembly. This cowardly intimidation tactics has just ignited the fire and simmering rage in our people to fight for our collective self-emancipation.

Our leader and our parents His Royal Majesty Sir Eze Israel and Lolo Ugoeze Okwu-Kanu must come back to us in safety. Our mothers and all Biafrans still in detention must be released forthwith or a mega mass action never seen before is imminent.

Kudos to our mothers. They remain veritable source of inspiration and courage to this struggle and shall remain so till the end of time. Nigeria is dead and her funeral has just begun.


Obulose Chidiebere N.
Family Writers Press

Edited by Peter Nonso Ikeh, For Family Writers Press

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