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Thursday 30 August 2018



Written by Solomon Iwejuo
Family Writers Press

Biafran enemies seemingly get increasingly present in my subconsciousness each time their names are mentioned. As a concerned Biafran, I feel obliged, addressing you Sir through this medium. Sincerely, my intention is not to speak disdainfully to you as the Executive Governor of Imo State. It is premised on the inclinations of your life which are reflective of the spate of detrimental and inhuman treatments the Indigenous People of Biafra whom you claim to govern, are being subjected to under your watch.

Prior to and during your electioneering campaigns as an aspiring Guber candidate, it is on record that the people of Imo State indeed classically showed their love for you as a supposed true leader to take them out of backwardness and other associated ills. You were held in high esteem, not oblivious of the fact that you were surreptitiously masquerading as one that could be trusted. Your campaign promises were garnished in lies and falsehood.

Sir, you could vividly recollect that you you brazenly made good use of the political platform and structure of the late people's General, Ikemba Chukwuemeka Odimegwu Ojukwu to access relevance, confirming the fact that you were covertly pretentious and misleading. You craftily made Imolites to believe that the dignity attached to the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA), was truly yours like others who belonged. Conversely and fully too, the once revered governor in the Southeast, has disappointedly become a curse to the people and a political leader from a strange land.

Not until he became a governor, according to Max Okardi, that "We know he is a shared blood of two major tribes of Igbo maternal cum Fulani paternal origins which stemmed from family disputes between the acclaimed father and mother". Prying into your privacy was not intended but referenced to for you to clearly see your once concealed pretty shadows of selfish ambition.

Hitler, Pharaoh, Nebuchadnezzar, Herod, Idi Amin, and Abacha etcetera, are both biblical and contemporary examples of evil leaders who surfaced at one time or the other in human history to inflict sheds of terror upon their people and note that one day which is and cannot be under your control, must surely come for you to roast in the blossom of evil/tyrannical records of such men. At such a moment, Owelle Rochas Okorocha would become a caricature in the annals of history.

Permit me to digress a little into your privacy once again. Before your arrival at the scene as the governor of Imo state, you were a well known philanthropist that offered scholarships to Imo State children amongst others in Nigeria. You glamored in that feat but unknown to us, you hid behind such gestures to front the agenda of Islam as your Fulani overlords were reportedly said to have sinisterly pumped huge amounts of money in that respect to the Southeast. You are a Christian in disguise  by answering Rochas and trying to  hoodwink the gullible by aligning with the Catholic faithfuls. You are an avowed Islamist with a covert Islamic destructive mandate. Making possible headlines, there have been series of religious, political and false infrastructural hypes in Imo State, primarily lined to blow the ego of a murderer of the people he claim to have been elected to serve. You have as a Governor, worked with four different individuals as your deputies, alluding to the fact that you are dangerously chameleonic and can never be relied on. It is today, history that those who earlier reposed confidence in you are being betrayed because of your selfish political cum self-serving interests.

Your effort to drum up support for your Northern oligarchists has caused spate of untimely deaths to quite a number of our youths. Your parochial love for One-Nigeria as opposed to the overriding desire of the owners of the land has further depicted you as a leader in a foreign/strange land with vampiric antecedents. History most essentially, will never forgive you for    determining to have your ill-conceived desires met amidst provocations, humiliations, deceitfulness, incarcerations, victimizations of the people and violations of their rights which were precipitated by  brazen acts of impunity as clearly demonstrated in your callous demolition of structures justifiably owned by your fellow citizens. The people whom you falsely claim to represent, have for long rejected you.

It is on record too that the tenets of democracy in Imo State have grossly been bastardized as a result of your crass frivolous interests. Imolites desperately clamor for nothing else other than freedom from Fulani orchestrated enslavement and impoverishment. As a governor, who was duly elected on the platform of an indigenous party (APGA), in the year 2011 based on the people's desire that their inheritance be adequately preserved. But that under your administration in negatively evolving developments in Nigeria,

has woefully not been realized. It is now Biafra or nothing. The once treasured values of Igbo Biafrans, have shamelessly been destroyed by selfish,  caliphated political merchants like you from Igbo extraction.

Governor Sir, my earnest prayer for you is that you live to reap the full recompense of your evil works. You have  wittingly disparaged your integrity by allowing the Islamic Nigerian armed forces to mistreat our mothers who converged in your State to exercise their rights to freedom of association, freedom of speech and freedom of self-determination. They converged from across Biafraland to unequivocally place demands before the global community, on the whereabouts of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, their leader and his immediate and unconditional release from extra-judicial incarceration. You commanded your Fulani brother of a Commissioner of Imo State Police Command, to have these innocent aged, breastfeeding mothers, aunties, wives, daughters and sisters to be arrested, extra-judicially detained, molested, harassed, starved, assaulted, arraigned in Court and imprisoned for judiciously exercising their democratic rights. Your sins have indeed reached the high heavens and total destruction awaits you and your fellow accomplices.

The spirit of Biafra restoration struggle specially emboldened our mothers despite their travails, to vehemently stand up against the despotic antics of your imported Hausa-Fulani cum jihadistic thugs who came into Owerri in the name of Nigerian armed forces.

It should be stated here Sir, that no man  no matter how powerfully tyrannic, fights the overriding will of a determined people and wins/survives. The permission expressly granted the armed forces by you to arrest, torture and detain Biafra women for no other reason other than peacefully exercising their rights, will most assuredly haunt and hound you. "It is only a fool that will say that there is no God". Be rest assured that nemesis beckons. As you have repeatedly vowed to cede/sell Imo State and her people to the Islamic world, it is vividly clear that the battle line has been drawn between you and the ever resilient, courageous and indomitable Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) globally. And you know what?, this God-orchestrated drive for the unfettered restoration of Biafra sovereignty must surely prevail.

The pronouncements of those ill-treated Biafran mothers within the seven days period of their detention in Imo State as ordered by you, remain effectual. Your evil machinations in concert with the presidency of the Islamic government of Nigeria against Biafrans will never ever see the light of the day. The effects of "ABA WOMEN RIOT OF 1929" are being reactivated in our time by our mothers.

Governor Rochas Okorocha, you are really a leader in a foreign land!

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