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Sunday 16 September 2018



Paul Emerenini
For Family Writers Press

It has rained once again and very profusely too.
I am yet reeling in my illusions of the 14th of September, 2018.
The massive compliance to the order for a total "Sit-At-Home" was unthinkable, unimaginable, unspeakable and a total shame to the luciferian agents in Biafraland who gloried in their follies and sabotage.

It was not only the Southeast governors that were traumatized but RIPON, MASSOB, TRIPOB and TYPHOIPOB, all fell victims and disgraced.
The clouds stood still, the birds of the air remained in their nests and the flocks on the field showed obedience to the heavenly decree.
The earth trembled and as the message  went through, the people heard it only once and twice it was obeyed.

Radio Biafra London (RBL) is the voice.
IPOB is the ears.
Let me shout it!
Let me sing it!!
The event of 14th September 2018, was exceptionally mind blowing.
No falsehood in reportage of compliance.
No hiding place for the truth.
Indeed you are great!
Indeed you are cherished!!

No wonder they died that you may be restored.
Their deaths were never in vain.
Their sufferings can never be taken for granted.
Now, I know you oh mother BIAFRA, realising your worth,
Oh dear great mother, I hail thee!
I cherish your dignity,
I respect your values.
Indeed we shall dance naked on the streets.
It shall be like a dream, the day you will really come true.

What else can I say?
What else can I do?
Who can bet your indestructibility?
You are indeed a seed planted on a fertile land.
You are a light in the cave.
You have conquered warriors.
You have defeated the mighty.
You have produced great geniuses.

Glorious shoutout to IPOB.
My respect to the fallen heroes and heroines.
A million kpoza!!!, to all Biafrans especially in Biafraland for this feat.
Once the order was given, but twice it was obeyed.

1 comment

  1. How do you guys plan to actualize Biafra without blood she'd? How do ensure that the mistakes of 1967 to 1970 are not repeated? How will you check mate corruption? That was what destroyed the formsr Biafra.


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