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Tuesday 9 October 2018

BIAFRA: Between The Realists And The Idealists; The Road To Freedom

Between The Realists And The Idealists; The Road To Freedom

By Elochukwu Nicholas Ohagi
For Family Writers Press

The road to freedom has been proven difficult. It is not a jolly smooth road everyone would loved to tread. It is something that has no shortcut. That is why we must keep our eyes on the ball for our total emancipation.

This article is necessitated by the nonchalant attitude of so many Ndi Igbo when reading opinions on social media. We understand that certain opinion of people reshapes the mind of lots of other people. It is the same opinion that is taken into the markets and workshops and sold out in form of newspapers. When a wrong opinion or information is dished out, it puts the people into huge confusion. That is why we must be careful why reading articles or write ups on social media and other media outlets.

I think it is good I start this article by placing a quick answer to the question "who is a realist or an idealist"? Without going into a detailed philosophical jargons I will simply say that a "REALIST" is one who believes in seeing things the way they really are in practical terms, as opposed to how they would like them to be. While an "IDEALIST" is someone whose conduct stems from idealism rather than from practicality, or more still an unrealistic or impractical visionary.

Having defined the two, we have to quickly determine who is a practical person in this quest for freedom. We have to understand and differentiate between those calling for election and those calling for boycott of election, who among the two is idealistically based cum practically barren. We must understand these things so that we won't continue mistaking the two to be the same.

The reality on ground today shows that we have unworkable country called Nigeria. We have a tyrant as a President and a criminal document called 1999 constitution. We are faced with an INEC that will never let the people's votes to count. And not as if people's vote have ever counted in Nigeria. We are all witnesses to the northernization agenda which has commenced in the entire security apparatuses in the country. The police, the immigration, the custom, the SSS, the DSS, the military etc are not just super headed by northerners, but core northern Muslims that are only loyal to President Buhari.

We were here when the rigging of all rigging happened in Edo and Ekiti state before the glare of Nigerians. The most recent was Osun state gubernatorial election. APC in conjunction with INEC had to make the election inconclusive and rigged the election in their favour. Even the little outcry of Nigerians on social media, were silenced with intimidating silence from all quarters.

After the rigging, some Nigerian senators that went on peaceful protest to the INEC headquarter in Abuja were teargased. Is this not a prove of what is about to happen come 2019? If they teargased senators, what do you expect will happen to ordinary citizens before, during or even after the election? What do we call acclaimed realists that neglect these obvious realities?

You can not claim to be a realist and talk about splitting a vote that will never count. We can not afford to build our hope on a weak foundation. You don't hope to beat Buhari in his own game. Asking people to boycott 2019 election will not only make our determination to exit Nigeria certain, it will also save lots of lives. It is noble to die for something, but it amounts to stupidity dying for Nigeria and Nigeria politicians. The Ambazonians just recorded 100% election boycott on their just concluded election. That is because they understands the power of boycott of election.

Our problem supersedes Buhari. Let us not be fixated on Buhari's removal. Without Buhari the 1999 criminal constitution is still there to limit us. Hoping on getting a level playing ground in Nigeria is simply an illusion that won't come. Not from PDP nor APC.

I am saying this today because in months to come the reality hidden in time will be exposed and those that ignored the realities of today will be disappointed and shattered.

Edited by Ebere Okolie
For Family Writers Press

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