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Monday 22 October 2018

"I thank Donald Trump and the government of Israel who stood by IPOB in our time of need" –Nnamdi Kanu

"I thank Donald Trump and the government of Israel who stood by IPOB in our time of need" –Nnamdi Kanu

Source: The punch

The leader of the Indigenous Peoples of Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu, has said that the intelligence prowess of the MOSSAD will be replicated within Biafran intelligence, purposely to avenge the death of 28 IPOB members, that of his cousin Adaku; and also that of Jack, his dog, all of who were allegedly killed during the invasion of his father’s compound last year.

MOSSAD, short for HaMossad leModi in uleTafkidim Meyuḥadim, is the national intelligence agency of Israel.

Kanu also said that Biafra must be restored. He said that his people wanted a referendum for the Biafran State.

Kanu, who said he was speaking from the holy land of Israel, spoke in English, but regularly spiced his speech with Igbo, promising listeners that he would return.

Kanu said in a live speech on Radio Biafra as broadcast via the Facebook, “I have missed you for 13 months. I pray for all of you seven times every day,” calling for a “moment of silence for the 28 persons who sacrificed their lives that we might live.”

Continuing, he noted that “Fulani killers” sent killers to his house “to kill my entire family;” explaining that he “sustained a severe injury, while 28 men fell.”

He narrated how he and his family members escaped what he described as “assault,” promising that the “efficiency of the MOSSAD” would be replicated in the IPOB intelligence to avenge the blood of IPOB members that fell.

Discussing his invincibility, Kanu said, “No mortal can kill me; I will come back to Biafra land.”

He took sides with the immediate past Governor of Ekiti State, Ayo Fayose, who is currently being detained by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission.

“Biafrans stand with Governor Fayose at this dark hour of persecution,” he promised.

He explained that his absence was not voluntary but was forced upon him; saying that the notion that he  jumped bail was “a fallacy, a lie, and a deceit.”

“I’m not afraid of them and can never be. They’re the ones afraid of me and IPOB. I am a Biafran, and I hold British citizenship,” Kanu boasted.

He railed at the judge who had asked his sureties to produce him, saying the judge should have asked the Army why they invaded his family house and sacked the village.

He said, “Nigerian court is a Kangaroo court. I did not jump bail. I left because the court failed to protect me.”

Declaring that he would not honour any court appearance again, Kanu said, “I cannot be tried by a court I do not recognise.

“The zoo called Nigeria cannot jail me. I will fight till the last day,” he vowed.

He took a swipe at the courts, saying, “Till now, Binta Nyanko’s court is yet to hold a hearing about the circumstances that led the Nigerian Army to come to my house to kill 28 people.

“Only upon a clear pronouncement of the intentions of that very court, which I suggest to them should be free, will this very case move forward.

“Going forward, there must be guarantee from the international community so that this case can proceed and I will prove once and for all that there is something fundamentally wrong with the brains of those that rule Nigeria.”

Describing his eventual escape, Kanu said, “Two jets were hovering over and they stormed into my house and I sustained severe injuries and in the process of trying to defend me, 28 men fell. They are forever our hero.”

“The sole purpose of that evil dance was to kill me and members of my family. They didn’t want me to go to Abuja because they didn’t have any case against me.

“They were afraid they would be disgraced before the world. They decided to eliminate me instead.

“They know if I go to court, that very country will not be the same again.”

Continuing, he said, “All we desire is freedom; we have no shred of hatred; we are frustrated. Biafra must come.”

Exonerating the IPOB of any “form of lawlessness,” he said his people were innocent.

“The sole purpose of the Python Dance was to kill me. There was no justification for the invasion,” he enthused.

He took a swipe at the “Igbo supporters” of the “Fulani Buhari,” with particular vitriol for Governor of Abia State, Okezie Ikpeazu, who he said directed the assault on his father’s compound.

He added, “I am Nnamdi Kanu, no mortal flesh can kill me. They have not given birth to that very person. Since they didn’t want me to come to court, I shall come back to Biafra land. There is nobody who can accuse IPOB of engaging in any form of lawlessness. I am in Israel.

“This same court that granted me bail stood by and watched as the army disobeyed court order. The army in contempt of court court came to kill me. I was in my home preparing to go to Abuja for my case when they came to kill me. They even killed Jack, our dog. They killed my cousin, Adaku and 28 others. The notion that I jumped bail is a fallacy, a lie and a deceit. It is untenable in law.”

He said whenever IPOB chooses to revenge, the world would know that it is due to extreme provocation.

He called on the Middle Belt to join IPOB so that the region could “also be free.”

In the over 50-minute live Facebook feed, Nnamdi Kanu added: “IPOB military intelligent evacuated me from my compound when the Army of the Zoo attacked me.

“I thank Donald Trump and the government of Israel who stood by IPOB in our time of need. I thank Prof. Ben Nwabueze who stood by me.

“I want to send my solidarity to Ayo Fayose and assure him that Biafra will stand by him in this hour of need. We will have a special place for him in Biafra.

“I thank all my sureties that stood by me. My unavailability was forced on me.

“I shall not be honouring the court. The notion that I jumped bail is a fallacy in law. I did not jump bail. On the 14th of September, 2017, the terrorists of the Zoo came to kill me. They know if I go to court Nigeria will burn and I was forced to leave. I did not jump bail.

“The Zoo called Nigeria cannot jail me. I will fight till the last day.

“I am not a Nigerian. I already renounced Nigeria in 2015. I am a Biafran with British nationality. I cannot be tried by a court I do not recognise. I do not recognise Nigeria. I can only come to the court with UN supervision.

“IPOB will liberate Biafra and we will not take part in any election, until we get a referendum and this is not negotiable. We will achieve this by every necessary means. We thank Israel for all the contributions they made to IPOB. I owe my survival to the State of Israel.”

Kanu also decreed the South East or South South Nigeria out of existence. “It shall be known as Biafra. Without referendum, nothing will happen in Nigeria. IPOB will not participate in any election and that position will never change.

“IPOB is the largest mass movement in the whole world. We will not stop until Biafra is fully restored.

Declaring war on Nigeria, Kanu said, “Chukwu Okike Obiama has assured me that Biafra shall come. All collaborators will feel the full weight of the anger of the Biafran people.

“I am coming back to Biafra land soon and I will bring hell with me the way it has never been seen before.”

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  1. the person at the left beside Donald Trump is the russian Governeur Wladimir Putin and not the israel governeur Netanjahu.


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