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Wednesday 17 October 2018

IPOB: The Demand Said Referendum; Not Vice President Slot

The Demand Said Referendum; Not Vice President Slot

By Elochukwu Nicholas Ohagi

It is very unfortunate that people now presume the unpresumable. How on earth will people believe that giving Ndi Igbo vice Presidential candidate will eclipse the struggle for the actualization of the sovereign state of Biafra. I have seen many foolish idiocy in the Nigeria political space but not to this level. I have come to understand that people easily equate others with what they are. She is a prostitute, she thinks everybody is like her. He is mad, he walks around calling others mad people.

That some South Westerners took to Facebook to say that Ndi Igbo has jettisoned the Biafra struggle shows that the Yoruba people thinks that the reason they started OPC is the reason IPOB was born. How wrong can they be without knowing it. Or could it be that they know the truth but claim ignorance. Gone are the days South Western Media shapes the minds of Biafrans. Making some of them spew belittling words about themselves. Biafrans now leads and others follow.

For the avoidance of doubt, I will like to juggle your minds once again, to some of the reasons we have decided to demand for our nation, incase you all have forgotten. In the first place, you all must understand that it is our God given right to demand for freedom. It is the inalienable right of indigenous people to demand for freedom. The right to freedom of indigenous people is enshrined in the United Nation chatter. And Biafrans  are indigenous people.

Biafrans have been killed in the North whenever the HausaFulani feels like. HausaFulani before Independence killed Easterners as to stop the move for the independence of Nigeria from the colonial masters. Ijaw, Efik, Igbo etc Biafrans paid for the northern foolishness with their blood. It has been like that since ages. It just kind of stopped with the coming of IPOB. HausaFulani Muslims have even killed Biafrans for a cartoon drawing of prophet Mohammed drawn in faraway Denmark. The killing reached its crescendo in 1966. When HausaFulani with the backing of Nigeria military under Yakubu Gowon killed more than 50,000 Biafrans with their mutilated dead bodies littering the streets of Northern Nigeria. They went on to levy war against Biafrans which resulted to the death of more than 3million Biafrans.

After the war, with Biafrans surrendering to their Nigerian killers, the 3Rs policy (Reconstruction, Rehabilitation and Reintegration) was carried out in the Western and Northern Nigeria, neglecting the Eastern Nigeria (Biafra) where the war actually took place. To strangulate Biafrans economically, they stole all the monies they have in Nigeria banks prior to the war. And managed to give only 20pounds to the few that could provide their bank papers after the three years genocidal war. Knowing fully well that it is nearly impossible for one to keep such bank papers after such war.

Note that 48years after the war, successive Nigeria government has closed down all the seaports in Eastern Nigeria. Warri, Port Harcourt, Akwaibom, Calabar and Onitsha seaports remain under lock and key. While making sure 190million Nigerians uses Lagos sea ports for import and export. Something Yoruba people gained for joining hands in the killing and starving to death more than 3million Biafrans. Same with international airport. For a Biafran to fly out of Nigeria, he or she has to leave his or her Biafra region, travel to Lagos, Kaduna, Kano or Abuja before he can flyout. The apology called Enugu International Airport remain deserted due to poor infrastructure development. The government systematically left Biafra land out of the modern railway construction.

Since the ordinary Northern Muslim now fear to attack Biafrans living in northern Nigeria due to the presence of IPOB, the government of day has taken the job of killing Biafrans away from them and do it themselves. Mohammad Buhari since three years in office has killed hundreds of IPOB members.

On January 20, 2017, while IPOB members in Port Harcourt were having solidarity match in support of the newly elected President Donald Trump of United States Of America, president Buhari sent Nigeria soldiers against them killing more than 30 of them, imprisoning many.

In another occasion, precisely on 30 may 2017, Nigeria military in Nkpor swoop on IPOB members sleeping in the compound of St Edmund’s Catholic Church Nkpor killing hundreds of them and made away with their dead bodies. Same thing repeated in Ngwa Community School Ngwa were IPOB members gathered for prayers. Nigeria soldiers was captured on camera shooting live bullets on IPOB members killing many of them. Even Amnesty International documented these killings.

Again on 14th September 2017, Nigeria military under the order of President Mohammad Buhari declared operation Python Dance on the people of South East Nigeria. They invaded the palace of the father of the IPOB leader, Nnamdi Kanu killing hundreds of his members and supporters. Some were tortured and forced to swim and drink mud dirty waters to their painful death. The videos of these atrocities are still there in the internet for all to see. Since after that massacre one year ago. Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra has been missing. Probably, kidnapped by the government of Nigeria. Biafrans have suffered marginalisation in Nigeria. Police and military men are stationed in Eastern Nigeria battle ready. They intimidate and kill Biafrans. Roads in Biafra remains a death trap. The second Niger bridge has remained a campaign tool for many politicians for many donkey years. Something that can never happen both in the Western and Northern parts of Nigeria. While every region has six States, South Eastern States remained five. The North having made sure they have much number in the national houses, rejects anymove for equity, justice and fairplay. For them justice, equity and fairplay remains an injustice against northern Nigeria. A prove that Nigeria as a country can never work.

So can those supporting the candidacy of Atiku and Peter Obi tell us how the duo can correct these abnormalities and return to life those that have died young for this struggle for Biafra. Have you seen why I think that those saying the struggle for Biafra have been neutralized are foolish selfish entities who thinks that because they are ready to disappoint the dead over peanuts called Vice President slot, others will do the same. This struggle for Biafra is sacred, it has taken lots of lives. Most of them in their youthful spring. We are not ready to betray them. IPOB did not start this struggle as to gain vice President position. It is solely for the actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra.
The demand of the Biafra people is clear to everybody from onset. They are asking for referendum and not a vice President slop.

You can continue your cheap popularity game with the name Biafra, but it changes not the fact that IPOB will not back down until Biafra becomes a reality.


Edited By Ebere Okolie

For Family Writers Press


  1. Biafra must stand,no retreat no surounder.It's a task it must be done in Jesus name,Amen

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