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Friday 12 October 2018



Following the invasion and despicable rape of the continent of Africa by the British colonialists, the black race has grossly been debased. Africans are being slavishly dehumanized and helplessly restricted to artificial/colonial cages called boundaries, thereby precipitating the current bourgeoisie flight amongst the black people, while the British supremacists continue to Lord it over them. Self-serving cum European sponsored African rulers unfortunately, seem not to have grasped this seeming cancerous policy of subservience that has deeply eaten up the psychological well-being of the African people. There exists,  a chain of crass egocentric interests and greed.

Africa as a well endowed continent in every strata, cannot up till this 21st century, adequately and progressively, govern it's own affairs. Despite the huge natural deposits of diverse kinds, it still reels in excruciating poverty, ranking one of the very poorest amongst other continents of the world. The British in her quest to fulfill her greed and economic survival, arrogantly created in Africa on arrival, a retinue of artificial but slavish boundaries amongst the people.  Hostile and sharply divergent value systems were lumped together, with the ethnicities therein, named countries without the consent and approval of the indigenous land owners.

This colonial arrangement consequently, defined the continent as a killing field, with horrendous ethno-religious crises intolerance, nepotistic tendencies, dirty wars of subjugation, unabated bloodbath, dehumanization/slavish policies and frightening terroristic activities all over, impeding chances for self-determination. Clear examples of potential spots of conflicts include Libya, Liberia, Burundi, Cameroon, Sudan, Somalia, Rwanda, South Africa, Zimbabwe and worst of them all, Nigeria, painting the black race as a degenerate dark spot on the global map.

It is pathetically ironic and laughable however, that while people helplessly wallow in poverty, the so-called African leaders get shamelessly enmeshed in corruption, embezzling the common wealth of the state-created poor for their lavish aggrandizements and that of their European overlords. Rather than seeking redemptive solutions to the avalanche of problems bedevilling the people, the African leaders invent and orchestrate wicked plots that will annihilate their own, at the interest and preservation of whiteman's policy.

My questions then are:

* How many of these European countries can be traceably said to have been created by the blackman since the history of mankind?

* Of what measures/values are the natural resources accessible in these European countries?

* Which of the continents in the world, is more naturally endowed than Africa?

* Why then is the continent of Africa excessively backward and poor?

The above questions call for indept reflective concerns.

The Western world proactively visualised what the future holds and came to the understanding that the UNITY OF AFRICA and the EMERGENCE OF BIAFRA, will permanently truncate their dominance and corresponding overtures over the continent hence their covert schemes to maintain the status quo. The glorious emergence of the sovereign nation of Biafra, will automatically end the colonial predominance in Africa, which will eventually lead to the total emancipation of the black race particularly and the world in general. For these reasons, they surreptitiously work in opposition either remotely or otherwise, to the restoration of Biafra so that Africans will remain alienated from their rights to freedom, justice, peace and equity.

Africans are therefore being subtly and deceitfully pinched against one another in destructive conflicts. Islamic loyalists and fundamentalists amongst other misguided surrogates are armed with weapons to destroy and kill, security forces who constitutionally ought to be protecting the people, are steadily being serviced with the blood of the innocent. They brazenly steal from us, oppress and emasculate even the future of the upcoming generations. They blatantly deny us the very essence of our existence as a people, subjecting us to perpetual penury, while the so-called leaders stand aloof and watch.

When exactly will these horrifying experiences come to an end?

We Yet Believe, Oh Yes!, That Good Will Someday Triumph Over Evil And That, Very Soon !

Written by Ifeanyi Eric Hycinth

Edited by Peter Oshagwu
For Family Writers Press

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