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Monday 26 November 2018



Written by Prince Dan
For Family Writers Press

The Islamic world and amongst other indigenous people groups of Nigeria should be ashamed of themselves for allowing Alhaji Abba kyari and his partners-in-crime who masterminded the outrageous fraud ever seen in the 21st century by hiring an impostor, to become the President of an already expired entity called Nigeria. A Sudanese known as Jubril Aminu Al-Sudani was criminally contracted with a whopping sum of three hundred and fifty million (£350,000,000), to become the President of British supervised, Fulani controlled Nigeria. This evil act was carried out to retain the ruling power of the Northerners. The question I am asking here is: Is there any tradition, culture, Sharia law or a write up in Koran that supports this devilish enforcement of Jubril on Aisha Buhari? I don't think there is such a law.

Women all over the world, expecially first ladies of all countries should  protest, speak out and condemn this barbaric act to save their fellow women from ridicule. Looking at Aisha's body language and behavioral expressions during the recent occasion she attended with the  fake husband, which she sat side by side with and walked side by side with, clearly showed that she is really under serious threat. The Aso Rock cabals are also closely monitoring her against speaking out about her fake husband, Jubril. This is more than domestic violence on Aisha Buhari and the sensitivity of women general.
Indigenous people all over the world know that the tradition or culture of transferring a widow to her direct brother-inlaw is even unacceptable in this modern time. The emotional trauma this woman is going through in the hands of these evil men in the Nigerian presidency, is better imagined.
International and local Non-Governmental Organisations that advocate for Women Rights should step up to their obligation now and condemn this evil. Though the Fulanis will do anything to retain power which Britain, their slavemasters handed over to them in form of indirect rule but other indigenous populations in Nigeria should courageously speak out.

The indigenous people of Biafra (IPOB) worldwide,  ably led by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, has strongly opposed and disassociated itself from anything that has to do with Nigeria. Their relentless spate of agitations for freedom from this fraudulent entity called Nigeria can never ever be compromised.
Other indigenous people within the Nigerian contraption should therefore support what Mazi Nnamdi Kanu said on his Radio Biafra live broadcast on Saturday 17th of November 2018, titled:
"Jubril should be arrested and a National Unity Government constituted so that Biafra Referendum will expeditiously be conducted or else I will release the DNA results of Jubril and Buhari and you will see just not that Nigeria will crumble but the entire West African sub-region. I love  the people in Nigeria so I do not want an anarchy upon them but they should do the right thing"....Mazi Nnamdi Kanu emphasized.

Edited by Blessing Ada Ukelonu
For Family Writers Press.

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