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Tuesday 13 November 2018

"How dare anyone judge Israel?"----Judith

How dare anyone judge Israel?--Judith

This is what happens when you do not eradicate evil, but let it grow for fear of causing a "provocation".

Evil now poses as virtue everywhere. People no longer know right from wrong. Even people in our midst, opposition politicians with no moral compass left at all, overcome by greed for power, have demanded that Netanyahu resign because he said that there can be no political solution with Hamas.

Just this week, Israel passed on 15 million dollars from Qatar to the terrorists in Gaza (ostensibly to pay "salaries", because Hamas uses all their money on terrorism) and now Israel has been bombarded with 400 missiles by those same terrorists, as "thanks".

Does Hamas want a war? They would love nothing better. It would finally place them right back in the international spotlight, where they would be able to parade the dead civilians that they deliberately place in harm's way, when Israel responds. It would allow them to pull out all the stops of their twisted, sick, evil terrorist roadshow.

We should give them this war, and after it, there should be no more Hamas.

I'd like to see another country that would put up with 400 missiles in one evening. Where people in apartment buildings had missiles coming through their ceilings as they were watching the evening news. As people in the South spent their evenings in safe rooms. Most of you reading this are lucky enough to not even really know what a safe room is.

How dare anyone judge Israel?

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