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Wednesday 21 November 2018



I have taken out some time to keenly brainstorm on the reactions of the Nigerian government and Nigerians particularly, since the startling and uncontestable unmasking of the impostor masquerading as Buhari in Aso Rock by IPOB led by it's ever formidable and fearless leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. I am seriously bewildered that the Nigerian government and a huge fraction of her citizen cannot stand very bold to refute the damaging claim of IPOB. They have rather resorted to the parochial and defeatist approach of calling IPOB unprintable names that would not in any way dismantle the staggering fact that Jubril is nothing but a political impostor from Sudan who is being manipulated by the cabals to do their political maneuvering in Aso Rock.

If these political dinosaurs who are managing the Jubril charade can be sincere and show what we call democracy and political integrity, they would have extricated themselves from this political shame by organising a world press conference that will be graced by bias free media giants that will ultimately stand shoulder to shoulder while they debunk every bit of the allegations leveled against this government. Common sense should have afforded these power drunk and careless political class that their approach in resolving this Jubril fraud is childish and laughable.

If the convening of a world press conference will be time consuming and much more financially tasking, why not convene just a national press conference where journalists will be free to ask Mr President some pertinent questions bordering on national matters without any form of censorship? Simple, to sincerely end all these political brouhaha, the President should be free to attend political functions beyond his comfort zone. After all, during his speech on May  29th, 2015, he made the following statements; "I belong to everybody and I belong to nobody". If truly this statement contains any iota of truth, the self acclaimed President must rise up to the occasion of watering down this cataclysmic storm and tension that are building up for explosion and aggravate the woe of an already dying and hopeless system.

We have raised multiple and evidently laden facts that is yet to be disproved. The Nigerian government on the 11th of November lied to the citizenry that Jubril Aminu Al-Sudani who is working under the cover of Buhari has departed to France for a world peace summit that attracted over 60th Heads of State of different countries of the world. With high expectations from many deluded Nigerians who naively thought such a gathering could be used as a rallying point to deflate and bury the argument of IPOB's leader, Nnamdi Kanu, were unfortunately disappointed. To the chagrin of all and sundry, the President got conspicuously missing in action. To add salt to the injury, Femi Adesina posted fake and old pictures of the late General Buhari, giving a speech in Common Wealth of The Nations Conference in 2016.

This misleading information from the spokesman of the President, fired the nerves of ever compromised, lying and unconscientious NewsPaper directors to sell this falsehood through their publications on the pages of their Newspapers without proper investigation, to thoroughly ascertain it's authenticity. These directors publish lies just to deceive and confuse lily livered Nigerians that lack the political mojo to question the status quo. How can the media in Nigeria exonerate themselves from this dangerous conspiracy against hapless Nigerians who are already fade up with the unworkable ''One- Nigeria" project?' The media that is supposed to uphold truth and justice shamelessly ganged up with the selfish ruling class to cover and get rid of the wishes and aspirations of the people. That was why the leader Of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) globally, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu pointedly said that "Media in Nigeria is populated by cowards". It comprises of toothless journalists and Newspaper directors who see no sin in lying.

Even some Newspapers like Vanguard reported and I quote; "Buhari, Macron, Putin, Trump mark end of World War". I was highly irritated after it was openly  defined that Aminu Jubril (late Buhari's impostor) never attended this summit and Vanguard Newspaper in turn did not make the attempt of retraction nor apologising to Nigerians for spreading lies. Though, for reputation sake, infinitesimal bloggers who later verified that Aminu Jubril never came near the summit made some concerted efforts (that could not revise the damage), to pull down such a misleading information from their platforms and also apologised to their audience for such a blunder.

We are only asking the Nigerian government to disprove IPOB. Disprove us if our claim is a propaganda. The idea of hiring several media lackeys to write junk articles in the name of discrediting the empirical points IPOB has raised is too unnecessary. How long will the Nigerian government keep sidestepping from these incontrovertible facts clearly presented by IPOB, to the surprise of all? Have they forgotten the impossibility of one outrunning his/her shadow? It will dedound to a colossal national embarrassment and tragedy if this clueless government decides to feign ignorance of the expediency of quelling the claims of IPOB with superior corresponding evidences.


These game players in the Nigerian presidency have really squandered every goodwill and several means provided to deflate the arguments of skeptics. What exactly is Abba Kyari and his band of seemingly demented co-travellers shedding off from Nigerians? The bizarre act of official photoshopping, use of outdated pictures for current events, playing of recorded and doctored audio/visuals of both international and national events, are daily, becoming a monumental fiasco.

Quite a number of pitiable compromised cowards fronting as proud "One-Nigeria" proponents, are so scared to expose the truth. But Biafrans will uncompromisingly and courageously cherish, peddle and defend the truth and justice without minding whose ox is gored. It is however unfortunate to note that the fate of millions of Nigerians is being designed and directed by a foreigner and his desperate hirers. Truthfully speaking, hunger for power, can really drive a mere mortal into doing the unbelievable. The era when such an abracadabra can be cooked and served unnoticed and unchallenged to the gullible, has gone. These crop of power mongers have so easily forgotten that many are no longer as daft as assumed.   Definite questions will be asked when abnormalities certainly become common trends in a political system, adjudged to be liberal.

If this Sudanese impostor is really not, let IPOB be proved wrong, nothing more. Drop your lies and irrefutably state the obvious. A country that appreciates the significance of national integrity in international politics, would have done the needful by being proactive in quelling damning/damaging storms. Peddling additional lies will only aggravate the matter, thereby facilitating the abysmal collapse of Nigeria.

The disgraceful actions of these individuals are really nauseating and if unchecked, will most definitely drag the future of millions of the citizenry, into the drain. Buying more time is only helping to postpone the doomsday. It must surely come.

Kalu Nwokoro Idika is a media analyst with Family Writers Press

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