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Friday 9 November 2018


As the count down to the 2019 Nigeria elections continues, the challenge before Biafrans is: To vote or Not to vote. The choice before Biafrans is clear: Not to vote, a decision reinforced by the directive of the pre-eminent Biafra liberation movement, the Indigenous People of Biafran (IPOB) to boycott the elections in 2019 and forever until a referendum to establish the state of Biafra is assented to by Nigeria. However, agents of the Nigerian state in Biafraland who profit from the misery of our people, their information agents and publicists are at it again, trying to deceive our people to vote. What should Biafrans do?

A popular Biafran adage says that if a child does not take necessary precautions, what killed his father will hunt him down. The fate of Biafrans in Nigeria has been a hellish one since the confiscation of our sovereignty by imperial Britain and which continued with the transfer of our confiscated sovereignty to Nigeria in 1914.The situation has not been reversed by Nigeria's so-called democracy since 1999.
Nigeria's democracy is driven by an anti-people constitution crafted by islamic military impostors aimed at the complete islamization of Biafrans, the economic emasculation of Biafraland and the pauperization (almajirisation) of our people.

Each election in Nigeria, since 1999 ends up subverting the will of our people and imposing all kinds of charlatans as leaders in Biafraland. Leaders with demeanors that are strange to our people. Such leaders are unable to defend the right of our people to self determination. Our right to live as free People in a country of our choice, our right to resource control and fiscal federalism, our right to reclaim and protect our environment, our right to live by a constitution midwifed by we, the people. Such leaders serve interests that are ultimately aimed at decimating us as a people. Elections under Nigerian suzerainty only end up recycling and reproducing such reprobate leadership that subvert the will of the Biafran people and deepen our economic misery.
The consequence of such economic misery is the high rate of emigration from Biafraland to all parts of the world. There comes a time when a people say enough is enough.

2019 is the year the Biafran people must tell Nigeria and its internal collaborators in Biafraland that enough is enough and that only the restoration of the sovereignty of our people and Nation will do. The quest for our sovereignty is further necessitated by the vehemence with which President Buhari's government has been pursuing its islamization agenda since its inauguration in 2015.
Buhari's islamization agenda impacted negatively on Biafrans with the killing of over two thousand Biafrans extrajudicially, disappearance of thousands of Biafrans and imprisonment of thousands of Biafran activists for no just cause, human rights abuse and the constriction of the democratic space. What is more? The Buhari administration edged on by its Biafran collaborators have refused to accede to the Biafran people the right to referendum to comprehensively resolve the Biafran question. Why should any one expect Biafrans to vote under such prevailing situation that threatens our very existence as a people?

The 2019 elections is a continuation of the battle of survival and ascendancy of irreconcilable value systems with the geopolitical space known as Nigeria.The Nigerian electoral system is structurally designed and aimed at the entrenchment of a feudal, aristocratic and islamic system on Biafrans. Biafrans are republicans in nature and would not submit to forced islamization, feudalism and outright marginalization.
As the 2019 elections approach, politicians are back to what they do best: hawk false promises. Four years ago, this same set of leaders toured the nooks and crannies of our land promising heaven and earth in Biafraland but what are the results? The results in Biafraland include the following: no seaports, no international airports, no embassies, no first rate roads, no railways, no jobs, constricted business space, no resource control, no fiscal federalism etcetera.
The results of over 60 years of voting in Nigeria is out for all to see: deaths, killings, economic despoliation, lack of jobs, poor healthcare indices, poor infrastructure and so on and so forth. Why?

The Nigerian state is not designed to work for you. The person voted in to power aims only at sorting him/herself and his or her family for the next four years. This contrasts with what will happen in Biafraland when freedom comes: a state driven by a peoples constitution guaranteeing you all the good things of life: Right to free speech, Freedom of worship, Free education at all levels, quality healthcare, resource control, fiscal federalism, trial by injury, technological advancement, international airports, seaports, embassies, jobs and jobs.
The choice is for Biafrans to make: To continue voting in shambolic elections of a country that is content to remain in the seventh century or to facilitate the emergence of your own country that will be eager to join the first world.2019 is the year Biafrans must show the world that they are ready to join the first world by boycotting all Nigeria's shambolic elections in totality.

Written by Solomon Iwejuo

Edited by Okechukwu Ise

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