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Monday 17 December 2018


Late Buhari and the Impostor from Sudan

Just like a rugged Chameleon that is On transit
Displaying it's multi-Colours that cannot Change black to White, or Green to Violet.

The impostor forced A young body to Wear an old age
That protested and Speaks for self
With smooth hands,l Smart plump body That has absolutely No magic of being Young and old Simultaneously.

Check, check
Put all in check
The deformed ear The height, the palm prints, the baldness,
As the tongue protested,
Not familiar with the native words,
Spoken of by the known in grave assembly.

Doubt it not,
Or allow the mouth
To keep kissing ignorance
And praising of Wolves and beasts in human skin,
Parading proudly as they rob and enjoy the throne with happy lies
Like harmattan skin,
Enjoys the rub of pomade.

Wow to them for
That double body.
Woe to the body double
Wow to the Excellency in foreign land and to the lips That speak and Campaign in photographs,
As if they have power to force lies
To answer truth,
As if they have power to blind all in day time.

Oh yes,
Even when tomorrow comes,
Lie remains a lie,
Fake remains fake,
Truth remains truth,
Impostor remains impostor

Doubt no more,
When lie is given to you
Doubt no more
When fake parades in front of you
Doubt no more
When truth is spoken to you
And do not be silent
When it is time to speak
Do not be blind
When it is time to see
Do not be silent
When it is time for action

Let us not be
Proud of ignorance
Let us not be
Gentle about lies
Let us not hide them
Under smartness
Now that it sounds
Like a sad song
The odd, the awful
On African soil

Save, save, save
Pride of the black race
Cry to the world
Call a spade, a spade
A spade of truth
About the foreign leg
On the throne Dancing
Playing on the pride
Of great men
Of Africa

Now is the time
To seek thee
To save the face
Of Africa
For only thy being can restore the lost  pride
Of the black race
Biafra, the land of The Rising Sun!


All hail Biafra!

Written by Onyebuchi Eucharia
For Family Writers Press

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