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Monday 14 January 2019



Sir, it is ultimately important that civiled humanity and the upcoming generation of Biafrans, get to know the truth why Ebonyi State is exceptionally Biafra.

With due respect to your office as the Executive Governor of the State, I want to categorically respond to the statement credited to you suggesting that Ebonyi State whose people you govern, is not Biafra. I am employing the use of this medium to counter that grossly misleading information that you and some gullible individuals are peddling about Ebonyi Biafrans.

I must state here that you have lost my respect the very moment that information was made public. As a leader in your capacity, it is unfortunate that you have condescend so low into making such a controversial, disgusting, cowardly, ridiculous and essentially inconsequential statement just to service your One-Nigerianist bid and ego. Your emergence as the Governor of the State was premised on the people's choice of your person that will help fight for their welfare and interest. Your claim amounts to facilitating the enslavement of the people you are claiming to be representing, in the hands of the Fulani controlled Nigerian government. Generality of Ebonyians, have totally lost confidence in you due to the tyrannic and vampiric antecedents of your Fulani slavemasters which you have foisted upon them. This has however, been frontally challenged in every sphere via the Biafra restoration struggle of the resilient and courageous Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) worldwide, as ably led by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu.

Sir, I want you to take a critical look at    few highlights of your press statement, viz:

(1) You stated that IPOB demands are genuine

(2) Then you turned around to say that approach lacks cohesion and are unrealistic

(3) And that Ebonyi State is not part of Biafra

The above points are not just disgusting but shamefully nauseating, much more, coming from a supposed reputable public figure.

It is necessary here, to draw your attention to one notable personality called late Sir Akanu Ibiam, an indigenous Biafran from Uwana, in Afikpo local government area of Ebonyi State. He was courageously dogged, resolute and heroic. He was outspoken and brave. He lambasted the British colonialists, disowned and handed over all titles and properties they bequeathed to him through a strong worded letter to them as the Governor of the old Eastern region. This he immediately did, on his realization that the British aided the gruesome massacre of Biafrans through their supplies of arms and ammunition to the Nigerian/Northern government during the war. Recall that his real name was just Akanu Ibiam with no attachment of any title. It was the British colonialists that added "Sir" as a deceitful appeasement decoration. In his letter, he pointedly disclaimed such a title and categorically stated: "I love Biafra my country". This was during his tenure as the governor of the old Eastern region earlier before the war.

Why then should you come on the platforms of social media amongst others as the governor of Ebonyi State, to voice out such morbid statements, disparaging your people? It is important to notify you at this juncture, that in the past two years, what transpired in Ebonyi State, precisely in Ama Ozara, Ugwuegu Elu, near Oziza in Afikpo North local government area, is really unfortunate. An indigenous lad scavenging stones for sale in line with his business, came in contact with deposits of undetonated explosives abandoned in the area after the Biafra/Nigeria war. His mistaken touch of the explosives triggered off devastating explosion that claimed his left hand. He was hospitalized in Mater Misericordea Catholic Hospital for months due to the inability of his family to pay up the bills. It was the gesture of a kind-spirited individual that eventually remedied the situation.

By virtue of this letter to you Sir, I therefore declare that your statement, is most callous, inhuman, insensitive, null and void. It is snobbish of the sensitivity of the people of Ebonyi State and must never ever be condoned.


Christopher Otu Ezeali

For Family Writers Press

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