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Monday 7 January 2019



Since the creation of Cross River State on the 27th of May 1967, there has never been any notable developmental strides. Successive governments have during their tenures, woefully failed to improve the lives of the indigenous people of the State.

It should be noted that the Nigerian federal capital status was permanently denied her when it was moved from Calabar to Lagos without tangible reasons. To sane minds, that movement showcased the disdain of the Nigerian government for the state to experience and enjoy infrastructural developments such federal capital status attract to the residents. To perfect their anti-developmental policies against Cross Riverians, the Nigerian government cancelled the awarded railway project, a propaganda machinery floated by the APC led government to hoodwink the people.

During the administration of Olusegun Obasanjo which commenced in 1999, the stark hatred for the people gained prominence. The Nigerian government blatantly ceded Bakassi Peninsula to Cameroon for  whatever disgusting reasons as consciencelessly advanced. The promises of the indigenous population being relocated and resettled have thus far remained a ruse. Taking a trip from Calabar, the capital city, to Northern part of the State, showcases damning and pitiable state of poverty and abandonment of the people by the Nigerian government. In virtually every local government area, there is no single federal presence. The people only find solace in manual farming activities for survival. Traceable public service is teaching job, with scarce spaces that can accommodate teaming graduate population that is being steadily churned out.

Cross River State was created on the 27th May 1967 from the old Eastern region by Retired General Yakubu Gowon's regime. Eversince, the Northern part of the State has never witnessed any form of development. In the entirety, there is no presence of federal institution for the citizens. They transverse to far distant capital city of Calabar or even Benue State for academic pursuits. Even in this 21st century, there exists no communication services due to absence of network within the communities. Most villages in Ukpe, Alege and Ubang in Obudu local government area for instance, do not have telecommunication network. People in these areas amongst others, engage in distant climbing expedition to mountain tops to access network services/signals before they can effect communication with the outside world.

Residents of the Northern part of Cross River State do not access signals of the Cross River State owned Television (CRSTV) Services even in their own State. Rather, they get consolation in watching Nigeria Television (NTA) Services in Enugu and Benue States respectively. With these spate of persistent disservice to the people, it becomes gravely unnecessary and inhuman to expect that Cross Riverians will participate in any election organized by a corrupt, an uncaring and shamelessly disgusting government of Nigeria.

Access to basic health care delivery is not just a challenge but viewed as anathemaic, as most village dwellers travel long distances away to be attended to medically in times of need in few ill-equipped health care centers within their areas. The dilapidated condition of the roads within the Northern part of the State, is another cause for concern. They are death traps  orchestrated by political opportunists hence the catastrophic vehicular accidents and armed robbery activities that are daily characteristics. Till date, several communities in Ukpe, Alege and Ubang in Obudu local government area are yet grappling with darkness as electricity within the area has not been connected to the national grid. Usage of lantern/kerosine and generating sets is a common phenomenon.

It is important therefore, to remind the good people of Cross River State that the first bomb dropped by the Nigerian military during the civil war took place in the State, with the criminal intent of extermination. This was perpetrated towards taking over the people's land but God frustrated that plot via the resilience of the Biafran armed forces who staked their lives in resistance. About one hundred (100) of the invading Nigerian soldiers were taken away in that murderous military incursion.

Cross River State has uncompromisingly been and will ever remain an integral part of the Biafran nation, the imbecilic and enslavement political romance Governor Ayade and his fellow travellers are having with the Aso Rock impostor, notwithstanding. That is essentially inconsequential as the people of Cross River State have now determined against odds, to wholistically extricate themselves from the effects of "divide and rule" antics of the fulanised Nigerian government. The people are readily prepared for Biafra referendum which will ostensibly escort Biafrans to the unfettered restoration of their fatherland.

Yes, we must totally get our stolen inheritances fully recovered.

We are Biafrans and Biafrans we must irrevocably remain.

Written by Loveson Agweye

Edited by Peter Oshagwu
For Family Writers Press

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