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Monday 18 February 2019



In our contemporary times, even in this 21st century when men are synergising and advancing in various discipline to fundamentally better the lives of humanity, elsewhere, others congregate to not only mortgage the destiny of their fellows, but to covertly scheme to have them totally eliminated for ill-conceived and self-serving interests. This crop of psychopathically diseased individuals, I tag "BEASTS OF ARMAGEDDON", in the context of this article. These are men created by God to issue out His glory and blessing in their immediate environments but they rather chose constituting themselves into destructive and willing tools in the hands of the devil. These are beasts in human structure hellishly commissioned to perpetuate atrocious activities against indigenous generations.

The British enterprise called Nigeria, was subtly contrapted in the year 1914 principally to service the crass egocentric interests of the colonial overlords. They groomed their eternal puppets in the mold of Fulani hegemonic Islamic fundamentalists for control over and against all other divergent ethnic nationalities. The Arewas, Oduduwas and Biafrans were forcefully merged into a federation structured on lies, deception, selfishness, slavishness and failure. The amalgamation theory was conceptualized, scripted, signed and foisted on the people by the white supremacists as a binding document authenticating the evil union, and depriving the rightful indigenous people particularly Biafrans,  of their land ownership. This unholy union, entered into without due consent of the people, has precipitated a cacophony of harmful policies arising from damnable hostilities, impoverishment, enslavement and gravitated genocidal onslaught intently measured against Biafrans.

Nigeria, contrapted and leased to the Fulanis under the strict and close supervision of the capitalist British colonialists, has remained wholistically feckless since the discovery of vast crude oil and gas deposits across the coastal area of Biafraland, from whence comes the economic survival of the British and their Arewa/Oduduwa surrogates. The Biafran indigenous land owners who ordinarily by providence were supposedly the direct and primary beneficiaries, have remained subservient and gravely impoverished. Unbearably prompted by the spate of this maladious, melancholic and oppressive policy of subjugation, emasculation and attendant deaths of Biafrans, seccessionist bid for self-determination in 1967, became the only redemptive alternative. That of course resulted in the death of over four million Biafrans including innocent children, women and men, through three years of annihilative war orchestrated by the Nigerian government in concert with her foreign allies led by British mercenaries.

It is heartwrenching therefore, to state here that Nigeria remains even in this 21st century, the only entity where those who find themselves in positions of authority, repeatedly and shamelessly preach unity and love amongst inhabitants, why? Recall that the so-called amalgamation agreement of 1914, officially expired on 31st December, 2014, thereby precipitating series of explosive and irrepressible conflicts/revolutions against the "Nigeria corporate existence question". Biafrans, since the end of the genocidal war levied against them between 1967 and 1970, have been subjected to series of servitude within the Nigeria political, economic and social strata.

The advent of democracy in 1999, has further elucidated the pauperisation of the Biafran people. Bands of political slaves/merchants, religious sell-outs and intellectual buffoons of Biafra extraction, have equally and shamelessly joined the fray of oppressors against their own people because of frivolous gains. They, with their social media recruited hooligans amongst other renegades across Biafraland, have treacherously compromised the collective aspiration of their fellow compatriots for the crumbs that fall off the tables of their Fulani slavemasters. These are the beasts that have dug themselves in by wittingly mortgaging their consciences for selfish aggrandizement.

The Fulani Islamic fundamentalists in connivance with their British advisers   have relentlessly being on a killing spree against Biafrans. The Islamic terrorists infested Nigeria army has turned the entire Biafra territory, a relatively peaceful area, into an avenue to display their potency and latest hardware in it's evil expeditions in their persistent victimization and deception of law abiding Biafran citizens. Right from 2015 till date, thousands of Biafrans including children, men and women, have been extra-judicially arrested, incarcerated, brutalised, molested, maimed, killed and bathed with raw acidic substances before burial by armed security forces. The judiciary has compromisingly remained comical in the adjudication of justice. Biafrans have intermittently come under tyrannical policies of the Nigerian government for legitimately exercising their inalienable rights to self-determination as enshrined both in the Nigerian Constitution and other relevant International Laws. Biafrans serving in the Nigerian army have covertly been made easy targets of Boko Haram terrorists attacks. Quite a number of them have steadily been massacred at battle fronts under the firm and strategic decimation policy of Lieutenant-General Tukur Yusuf Buratai, the Nigerian Army Chief of Staff and his fellow Northern Islamic Army Commanders. The marauding Fulani killer herdsmen (terrorists) have remained untouchable in their trade of impunity, brandishing AK47 riffles, killing people, destroying farmlands with their cattle and raping women, with reckless abandon. The Fulani Islamic fundamentalists run Nigerian government has not deemed it expedient and right to either arrest or prosecute them in any court of law.

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the courageous leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) globally, has occasionally been victimized and vilified by these "commissioned messengers of death" and their baby saboteurs, clearly living true to their intrigues and trades. All these are being perpetuated through the complicity of Biafran snitches who pride in and promote personal gains over and against the wishes of their own people. But one thing remains definitely certain. The unfettered restoration project of the sovereignty of the nation of Biafra remains irrefutably sacrosanct. It is a project that is divinely orchestrated which no cunning craftiness or plots of treachery by mortal beings anywhere, can truncate. Biafrans should therefore, maintain focus, resoluteness, resilience, courage and boldness in the struggle while firmly standing on the truth/established principles of this mandate, to tromp the malefic antecedents of these "Beasts of Armageddon". With the encouraging and victorious developments as very recently recorded, we should always note that Biafra freedom/restoration have been secured, sealed and delivered as ordained by God Almighty Himself and this is uncontestable.


Written/edited by Peter Oshagwu
For Family Writers Press

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