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Tuesday 16 April 2019

Nigeria Oppression Of Biafrans: Reason We Must Free Ourselves

Nigeria Oppression Of Biafrans; Reason We Must Free Ourselves

By Canicols Chukwunonso Anioke
For Family Writers Press International

In the abundance of our wealth which lies in our God given Human and natural resources, one wonders why these resources instead of making us great leaves us frail and backward.
To every man of knowledge and integrity, these questions are laid bare before us; Are these abundance of natural resources a curse? Is the natural resources a bane to our survival? What have we achieved as a people using this mineral resources?

Our local refineries are constantly under attack while our people are also brutally exterminated without any form of Justice down the creeks and  riverine of BiafraLand. We own the resources yet we can't use it, access to our God given resources have brought about subjugation and pain to our homes; Government steals it and insists that we obtain license to access it. It is called the property of the state and will only be allocated to foreigners, Northern and Southwestern indigenes to further enslave us and destroy our lands. These anomaly forcefully imposed on Biafrans using the barrel of the gun is unacceptable and insane. Sadly, those enjoying Biafra oils are mining their own golds in Zamfara and Kano themselves.

The Nigerian state has technically activated the principle of resource control up North using local mines (for Gold and other natural resources such as limestone etc) to harvest their local resources. No Easterner is allocated these resources. Resources found in the North are for northerners alone and they mine it the way they want. Here in the southeast our resources are national treasury yet not accessible to the indigenes of the East (Biafrans).

This sectional molestation and unbridled violence perpetrated against our indigenous refineries and economy is a deliberate way to constantly shut down our economy, destroy our lands and exterminate our people; Tag us Militants in order to criminalize and implant self fear into our lives and environment. They (the Nigerian Government) have militarized our communities, colonized our resources, crippled our industrial institution, stolen our resources, refine it in foreign lands and resale to us.

If as a Biafran you still don't understand the essence of freedom and the agony this nation has planted and sustained within the Biafran territories, then you are a pathetic willing slave. Take a walk around the coastal regions and see the penury and torture indigenous citizens of the coastal regions are passing through.

Words cannot be enough to quench the pallid feelings bequeathed on Biafran citizens.
We are Not Nigerians and we have refused to remain in this miserable amalgamated contraption.
We need peace to propagate our God given values and sacred ideologies. We demand freedom from this Oppressive Nigerian state.


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