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Monday 29 April 2019



A delegation of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Oginigba Zone in Igweocha Province, on Wednesday 24th April 2019, paid a courtesy visit to the African Representative of this global family, Mazi George Onyeibe  in Agbor, Delta State, Biafraland. The delegation which was led by Mazi Onyedikachi Bright Uba, the Oginigba zonal coordinator, had Nyedike (Chief) Richard Mgbechikwere Dike (Oginigba indigene), Mazi Udechukwu Uwakwem Simeon (Biafra Veteran), Mrs. Ngozi Sandra George  (Women leader) and Mazi Peter Oshagwu (Media).

The African Representative who is also the Nigerian National Interim Coordinator and Anchor, Radio Biafra Extra, accompanied by Mazi Harry Onyema (South-South Regional Coordinator) and Mazi Onyemachi Peters (Igweocha Elders Secretary), welcomed the delegates amidst joy and exchange of pleasantries. Formal introductions were made and kola nuts duly presented in line with the culture and tradition of the Biafran people. Prayer of thansksgiving was offered to Chukwuokike Abiama (God Almighty) by Nyedike (Chief) Richard Mgbechikwere Dike for the presentation.

Making the intent of the visit known, the leader of the delegation, Mazi Onyedikachi Bright Uba, stated that it was hinged on the revelation about the deliverance and survival of life-threatening attacks visited on Mazi George Onyeibe by the enemies around us and wondered why people should even contemplate taking the life they never gave. He thanked God on behalf of the zone for the awesome protection, recovery and security of the African Representative and his family who have remained sources of courage to the IPOB Family particularly in Oginigba zone, pledging that the zone will do all within it's powers to extend necessary supports.

Chief Richard Dike in his contribution, gave thanks to God for the life, sustenance, provision and protection of Mazi George Onyeibe whom alongside Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the IPOB leader and his deputy, Mazi Uche Mefor, has taken great encouragement and inspiration in the Biafra restoration struggle, despite distractions and persecutions. He maintained that his love for the African Representative has really peaked since he started listening to his daily broadcast on Radio Biafra Extra, with exceptional tutorials and enlightenment about our history as Biafrans. He passionately requested that Mazi Onyeibe should through his anchored programs, help educate and correct our people on the erroneous history of IHURUOHA PEOPLE, who are today being referred to as IKWERRE PEOPLE in Igweocha.

Mrs. Ngozi Sandra George (IPOB Oginigba Women leader), thanked God Almighty for the gift of the African Representative/National Interim Coordinator, to Biafrans. She said that Radio Biafra Extra programs anchored by him especially in early morning hours have remained her darling amongst others and gave the assurance that the antics of the enemies both within and without, will always crumble as the Biafra restoration project is God-driven. He encouraged Mazi George Onyeibe to remain courageous and warned IPOB family members to eschew evil by keeping their hands unsoiled.

Mazi Udechukwu Uwakwem Simeon (Biafra Veteran), expressed joy for the ample opportunity and privilege provided, for a one-on-one interaction with a loving, dogged, faithful and courageous brother in the fight for our collective freedom as a people. He alluded to the fact that the ongoing highly intellectual approach being meticulously adopted by the IPOB leadership in the restoration struggle is synonymous with the Biafra arms struggle of the sixties as both phases have corresponding battlefields, successes, purposes and casualties. He maintained that he will very readily return to the trenches if duty calls in the defense of our fatherland and our people. The Biafra veteran encouraged the African Rep. to remain unruffled and assured him of needed support from Biafra hardcore activists.

Mazi Onyemachi Peters (Igweocha Elders Secretary) who also came visiting, called on the delegation to intensify prayers as they get back to their zone for the well-being of the African Rep. He thanked the delegates for the brotherly love exhibited by coming all the way, despite engagements.

Mazi George Onyeibe, expressing delight over the visit, gave shocking revelations and testimonies pertaining his experiences from enemies in the cause of the struggle. He atributed his survival, strength and courage to the love of God Almighty who has in every occasion of the enemies' attacks and buffetings, showed Himself exceptionally faithful.  He gave random but brief educative insights on the history of the "divide and rule" policies foisted on Biafrans by the British colonialists and the agents of the Nigerian successive governments. The Radio Biafra Extra Anchor, called for unity, love, synergy and discipline amongst IPOB family members as we approach our destination.

He pointedly warned all dedicated IPOB family members to be wary against the growing wave of evil machinations being floated by saboteurs, snitches, traitors and propagandists both within and without. The leadership of Oginigba zone was enjoined to maintain clean records in it's dealings with the members. The need to be transparent and firm in the activities of the family was equally emphasized. The African Representative maintained that it is such qualities that will clearly play out as vindicators in the face of accusations. He stressed the need for strict adherence to the principle of "command and control" in all IPOB related issues as explicitly laid down by the global leadership. Responding to the call for the only source of communication/information which are through Oginigba Zonal Media Head and the Zonal Coordinator) between his office and the zone, as requested for by Mazi Udechukwu U. S. and Mazi Onyedikachi Bright Uba, the Interim National Coordinator,  stated that the channel of communication can never be disputed so long we apply ourselves to the principle of "command and control".

Mazi Harry Onyema (South-South Regional Coordinator), eulogised the effort of the zone for taking the encouraging decision to pay the African Rep. such a unique visit, the distance notwithstanding. He advised that the delegates on getting back home, should initiate strategies that will help our people realistically, in coming to terms with the overriding Biafra restoration struggle. Our people need to be reached with the restoration gospel no matter the costs, he further maintained.

Mazi George Onyeibe, physically overwhelmed by the visit, appreciated the delegation for the gesture. He encouraged the members to be focused and undeterred; and wished them safe ride back to Igweocha.

Peter Oshagwu
Reporting for Family Writers Press International

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