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Tuesday 9 April 2019

The Genocide Against Nigeria Christians And The Inevitability Of Revolution

The Genocide Against Nigeria Christians  And The Inevitability Of Revolution

By Anioke Canicols Chukwunonso Anioke,
For Family Writers Press International

"There is always a light at the end of the tunnel". A perfect assertion of hope at the point of pain or anguish. We often want to engage our thoughts with the thrust of a hopeful end. The faith to hold-on once more waiting to see that string of hope, the cast of shadow the light brings, the sight of a new dawn, the tears of relief, that smile of Freedom. Sometimes we just wish we can wait forever more.

In the tears of our pain we seek help, lack words and trembling at the sight of our fears, our world comes collapsing right on us; there is no stopping for us, for at this time our destiny is right on our hold, the future is bleak and must be protected. It's our choice to protect our being.

Shall we continue to wait for those that eat and dine with the devil at the expense of the helpless and vulnerable masses? Shall we fold our arms while we watch the desecration of our collective wealth ( Our lives, Lands, Children) destroyed? Shall we depend on the mirage of hope from these leaders of perdition that have hijacked the Church?

If it's not an accomplice then what is it? The church is quiet, it's leadership is dumb, deaf and blind. The Christian communities of the Northern part of Nigeria are under constant extinction under a well planned  state sponsored Jihad. No Media outrage, No Protest from the Christian leadership, No medical or financial aid from the Christian leadership, Nothing!

Is there any hope from the church? Maybe, only if we understand that amid the sacrifice of prayer, there must be work. That the study of the Bible and God's word ultimately grants salvation and grace. But the will to live is personal choice, the silence of the church, especially the leaders of CAN (Christian Association Of Nigeria) is a show of total support and submission to the caliphate on their Islamisation agenda. But must we join in the silence? How much longer shall we wait for the international community on humanitarian laws and acts that have kept a complete media blackout to these ethnic cleansing and genocide?

One thing is certain, there must be a time for revolution. That time is certainly not in the wilderness, it is here with us. The overflow of agony, the shades of impunity and the desecration of the Christian communities and lives amid the silence of the Christian leadership portends one thing, which is none other than Revolution. The preconditions for peace has been ruined.

Everyone has a right to live and the goegraphical space called Nigeria and all its leadership structures do not guarantee the preservation of life.

Freedom is a Right Not a Choice.

Edited By Paul Ihechi Alagba.

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