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Tuesday 23 April 2019

The Lie Called 'A Better Nigeria'

The Lie Called 'A Better Nigeria'

By Elochukwu Nicholas Ohagi
For Family Writers Press international.

A better Nigeria is an utopia. It will continue to elude those that out of a sincere ignorance seeks for it. Many of them shouting that Nigeria will be better, urging people to have faith know that they are lying to the people. It is a technique they use in keeping the people down. Exactly what the politicians campaigning with restructuring Nigeria are doing.

It is not only the politicians in government that doesn't want a better Nigeria. Many people in many Nigeria establishments don't want a better Nigeria. A better Nigeria will surely be a hindrance to their dubious businesses. It will close up many avenues through which they make illegal money.

To buttress this, I will bring forth some groups of Nigerians and the establishment they belong, and  through them we will see how impossible it will be to remedy Nigeria.

Let us first of all look at the Nigeria Police Force. Do you truly believe a dirty, dubious and crime-loving national police force like the Nigeria police will work towards a better Nigeria? Very impossible. How will Nigeria police continue their first class bribe taking if they work towards a better Nigeria? What of their road money collection? Or is it illegal arrests and corresponding huge bail money? Something they do with utmost impunity. A typical Nigeria police man won't survive a better Nigeria. And you think the IG of Police is not involved in this?

What of the Nigeria Army? Do you really think a better Nigeria will allow an army general to own a multi million dollar investment in Dubai? He will rather make his money than think about making your Nigeria a better country. Soldiers are not fighting Boko Haram to make Nigeria better. They are fighting to stay alive. Almost all Nigeria soldiers know that it is foolishness of the highest order to die for Nigeria. They know that the Ogas at the top are making lots of money under the guise of fighting terrorism. How then will you as a soldier risk your life to make Nigeria better, whereas the same terrorists are continuously recruited into the army, while soldiers who are getting injured or dying in the line of duty are not taken care of and the families compensated adequately?

What of the Government Teachers? Do you think they too sincerely want a better Nigeria? No, they don't. The way Nigeria is today has given government Teachers enough room to engage in trading and still give it more time than their teaching profession. If a better Nigeria comes, how then will they manage their two businesses? They need to prepare for retirement. They know that the governors won't care about paying their pension, so they got to prepare for it. The lecturers? Same story. No one wants a better Nigeria.

Even your fake pastor won't want a better Nigeria. That's because with Nigeria getting better, business is up for him. He sells in hardship. I mean fake pastors.

With  better Nigeria, there won't be extortion through jamb. People won't keep quiet over hardship. That's why every government tries hard to make things difficult as to subdue the people. The first time a President wanted to make things better for Nigerians, the people revolted against him. They used the fresh air he gave them to humiliate him. They protested, called him idiot and organized his burial carrying his mock coffin up and down in Abuja. They kicked him out. Today, things have become worse and nobody is coughing. That's because today's politicians understand that to be in government, you have to be brutal and make sure there is nothing like a better Nigeria.

In all these, Nigeria can't allow a better Nigeria, just as old Sudan couldn't allow a better Sudan until dissolution set in. South Sudan was completely a rat hole when they were still under Sudan. Their resources were used in building the North, and northern Sudan supported the corrupt President, because they were enjoying the subjugation of the Southern people. But when southern Sudan seceded, it didn't take time for revolution to happen.

This will be the case of Nigeria. Today, the resources from the East is being used to develop only the North and South West, neglecting the people that lay the golden egg from the East. The millions of northern illiterate masses keep supporting their elites because they are holding the Easterners down. They are happy in their sorry state provided Easterners are kept down. One day, just like it happened in Sudan, it will happen in Nigeria.

Biafra will separate from Nigeria. And having no Easterners to marginalize as to please their illiterate poverty stricken masses, a revolution will be born. The Emirs will be pursued out from their places and stoned. Their elites will run into exiles and the unfortunate ones will be caught, disgraced and killed publicly. All effort to pacify them will be in vain. The rampage will continue and many groups led by many war lords will emerge.

The North will completely become a failed state because of the many years of state sponsored illiteracy programme of subjugation forced on them by their elites.

Biafrans on the contrary, will continue telling stories of success, having been prepared ahead of time by the many injustices and marginalization meted on them by the Fulani caliphate.

Edited By Paul Ihechi Alagba.

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