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Wednesday 17 April 2019

The Southeast Political Intellectuals Vs The Northern Politicians: A Case Of Misplaced Priorities

The Southeast Political Intellectuals Vs The Northern Politicians:  A Case Of Misplaced Priorities.

By Anioke Chukwunonso Canicols,
For Family Writers Press International

In the tune of total neglect and misplaced ideologies from the southern geographical section of the Nigerian state, the leadership structure is best described as an organic structure capable of taking any shape pleasing to the scientist (Northerner).

Over years and decades, the southern part of the geographical space Nigeria, especially the Southeast (Biafran) Region have been the socioeconomic bedrock of the Nigerian state. In every sector of the economy of Nigeria, Biafrans have kept that blazing light with the beauty of sanity and morals.

Nigeria's success rests on the strength of BIAFRA and her citizens.

In all of this positives from Biafra and her citizens, the will to fully and completely dominate and compete with the world is subdued. Her ideologies are trampled upon and her citizens are marred with unbridled violence and murder by the Lugardian creation Nigeria.

Today, the south is a puppet of the north within the political strata. The political based ideologies of the North is the admiration of the south political institution. Yet in our self comfort they (Southern Politicians) assume the tag of intellectuals. Shameful

What is the interest of the Biafran citizen with respect to the political structure of the Nigerian state? Is it enough to be called a governor, senator, or a political leader? No!!
The Southeastern Political institution is best described as a political jobber institution No direction, No Political Network, No Political value.

The Northern Politicians amid the terror attacks on the citizens of the North, have openly and ferociously defended BokoHaram Terrorists, they have called an attack on BokoHaram an attack on the North. Buhari has called them his misguided brothers, the Fulani Herdsmen terrorists have been paid by El Rufai the governor of Kaduna to aid their ever increasing genocide and ethnic cleansing; this he openly admitted to pay. What's more; the Northern Politicians Created the Terrorists, Armed the Terrorists, Gave them Presidential backing and bluntly refused to proscribe them as terrorists inspite of the elaborated and constant genocide on harmless citizens of the North that are not Islams.

And our political adherents down south in BiafraLand have not only destroyed the integrity of our Political institution, they have sold our values and collective resources at the altar of subjectivity for selfish and trivial gains. Genocide on Biafrans are at an all-time increase. The only voice of the people IPOB down south (BiafraLand) is been proscribed without violating the law of the land or the peace of the people.

While IPOB (Indigenous People Of Biafra) are celebrated all over the world as the largest most peaceful non violent freedom fighting group ever and our Leader given the African man of the year in 2018. Here in Nigeria IPOB is Proscribed. Our land is under military occupation and state sponsored terror attacks on the Biafran citizens. Yet the second and 4th most deadly terrorist groups in the world residing in Northern Nigeria are pampered given state protection Payed and called misguided brothers.

It's time for a call to order, and a time to take a decision of destiny. Our collective interest in the south of BiafraLand is not and will never be in the frontburner of discussion politically.
The case of Akpabio Godswill the former governor of Akwa Ibom is an example inline of the catastrophe the Southeastern Political intellectuals have become.

If we in Biafra don't uphold our values and demand for freedom to ascertain that beauty and Peace for the ourselves and the future generations, who will?

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