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Tuesday 2 April 2019

NIGERIA: The Valor Of Political Tyranny And The Coming Revolution

The Valor Of Political Tyranny And The Coming Revolution

So much has been said about the political institution of the Nigerian State with reference to it's Tyrannical heroic status. With all hope lost on the wish of the citizens to see an improved Nigerian status within the political institution, the hope to grace a better Nigeria state is totally lost in the wind.
In a show of betrayal of trust from the politicians on conduct of the political affairs in the country, the general public has seen no reason to stand by or believe in the future of a united Nigeria. This is evident in the past elections that happened in the Nigerian State. All hope from the citizens to control their destiny and elect leaders of their choice proved to be a show of gruesome abberation alined with state sponsored terror, military incursion, gruesome murder of innocent citizens and a complete failed democratic and media representation.

Meanwhile, the Independent National Electoral Commisson INEC in charge of the electoral process has openly played the part of the arsonist and betrayed the trust of the citizens. The electoral process which is the sacred sanctuary upon which the hope of the citizens is placed has been burnt down as seen in the recent Kano rerun which saw the APC government unleash the military on the people and empowered touts to attack the opposition.

Do we still have a Nigeria we can collectively call our own? Is there any sign of positives for the citizens with respect to Nationhood? Is there a social justice system in the country? These questions laid bare before our thoughtful hearts hoping see any light of hope diminish like a mirage.

The gubernatorial election conducted over three weeks ago has unarguably shown that the Nigerian System cannot work. The only hope of the citizens lies within the bedrock of total revolution. Life is obviously impaired under the Nigerian administration of Tyranny imposed on the citizens of the Nigerian State. Can we continue like this?

For over three weeks the Independent National Electoral Commission INEC have proven to every one even the blind that the basis for independence on the part of the commission lies at the hands of these irritant political individuals bedeviling the the citizens and the nation. While the citizens of the Nigerian State stare at the appalling disaster surrounding the Rivers State and Kano Elections to name a few, the moronic attempt to hijack the political mandate of Rivers state by an unknown figure who never had a campaign or an astute political conversation, if upheld by the Electoral Commission it will definitely place the credibility of the Electoral Commission and the already tainted Judiciary in a State of total backlash.

To any sane mind, how do we overcome this abberation should be the ultimate question. Is there any hope in sight? Weather we bend the Truth or Not, Nigeria is Not and will never work. For over 50 years and still counting it has been retrogressive steps all the way. The only option available to us now is total Revolution. Every region has to be independent to develop its socioeconomic policies based on their value system.

And to achieve these, a revolution must happen!

Written by Canicols Chukwunonso Anioke
Edited by Elochukwu Nicholas Ohagi
For Family Writers Press

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