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Monday 27 May 2019

Nigeria: The Artificial Enclave Of Many Nations

Nigeria: The Artificial Enclave Of Many Nations

By Elochukwu Nicholas Ohagi,
For Family Writers Press International.

The thinking process of a Fulani man is completely opposite to that of an Igbo man. The Fulani lives to dominate, to conquer and to be be in charge. They are hungry for many things including infiltrating  several indigenous tribes and taking control.

That's exactly what they did to Hausa people. They came, dominated and took control. They became the leaders of all Hausa communities. They left a battered Hausa man who lost pride over himself. Many Hausa people now look for a way to link themselves to Fulani. That is why they proudly say, I am Hausa but my great grandmother is Fulani. No one remembers again that the Fulani are just visitors in Hausa land. How did they do it? They deceptively used religion against the indigenous Hausa people and made them fight their own leaders, to enthrone Fulani leadership that is no different from their own they chased out. Even today, the Fulani leaders are even more corrupt than the Hausa leaders. In years to come, the only thing remaining for the Hausa people might be Hausa language. That is, if Fulani language doesn't take over by then.

Education transforms a people. But the Fulani smartly made the Hausa to disregard education. See it as haram, while they themselves embraced education. The Almajiri boys are mainly Hausa boys who only memorize the Holy Koran in Arabic without knowing it's meaning. After this memorization, they still need the Imans who are mainly Fulani, or claiming Fulani blood to interpret the words of the Prophet Mohammed  for them.

The Igbo is the greatest hindrance the Fulani has in their quest to dip the Koran inside the Atlantic ocean, according to the radical desires of the progenitors of the Fulani hegemony.

The Yoruba have maintained a philosophy that whatever favours them is good for the Yoruba. That's why they hardly care if the Fulani are subduing or marginalizing the East, provided they are placed a little higher than the rest of the southerners.

The Igbo loves a level playing ground where everybody can compete. They love justice, equity and fair play. Every Igbo child is not conditioned to think of what he or she can get from the government. They believe they can survive.

Nigeria can never grow. It will continue to diminish as far as she continues to have different people with different thought process in one Federal system of government. They will continue to clash until Nigeria is totally destroyed from within. Looking at the four years of Buhari's government, you will agree with me that the policies they are making seem to be aimed at caging the Igbos. Every one seem to be afraid of the rapid growth of the Igbo people. That's why you hear that the East is continually denied any Railway network and the only international airport in the East has been shut down; whereas military men are stationed across the entire East.

49years after the Biafra Nigeria civil war, there have been continuous and steady occupation of Igbo land. They don't mind if they are hurting Nigeria, provided the Igbo is subdued.
The Igbo have risen above pity and cries of marginalization. They have taken the bull by the horn to demand an end to the unworkable Nigeria. They are asking for a referendum, and no matter how long it takes, Nigeria will one day cease to exit.

A prison wall housing men of different thought process will surely fall. Nigeria is that prison wall.

Edited By Paul Ihechi Alagba.

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