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Friday 7 June 2019



The increasing menace of the Fulani killer herdsmen in Igboland against our people has really heightened with the South-East Governors and leaders of thought shamefully bereft of ideas to contain and defeat this company of Islamic monsters. The umbrella body of this nomadic vandals known as Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria (MACBAN), South-East Chapter, has in unmistakable terms, threatened to openly and violently unleash mayhem by attacking  communities in the region.

This of course will be perpetrated through the activities of their terrorist herdsmen in their madness to take over the lands of our people as they blatantly drive their cattle through to forcefully have them as grazing fields. It is therefore imperative to initiate eviction framework of all Fulani herdsmen and their terrorist sponsors known as Miyetti Allah out of Igboland. Recall that recently, the regional leader of this group in the South-East part of Biafraland (Igboland), one Alhaji Gidaddo, pointedly threatened that Fulani herdsmen will make Igboland to boil from every corner through imminent and unprecedented violent terrorist attacks as the people stubbornly refused to give up their lands for them to freely graze their cattle. Armed with this latest outburst and threat of genocide yet again against the Igbo populace, it is quite glaring that their cup of atrocities has filled to the brim within the region which deserves nothing else but an urgent, well coordinated and comprehensive eviction.

Since the South-East Governors who are supposedly the chief security officers of their respective States as well as the governments, have reneged on their constitutional responsibility of proscribing the criminal activities of these marauding Fulani Islamic terrorists (herdsmen) and the incessant uncontrollable movement of their cattle from community to community, let the town unions and the youths of these communities synergize against this threat and imminent danger coming from the Miyetti Allah and get them completely evicted.

They must not fold their hands and be watching their people being killed and communities ravaged with reckless abandon by these nomadic/Islamic invaders like it happened in Benue State. It is also noteworthy to state here that since this latest threat of genocide was issued out by the leadership of Miyetti Allah, neither the Nigerian Police Force nor any other security agency doting every nook and cranny of the region and dehumanizing the Igbos, has ever made any statement nor got Alhaji Gidaddo arrested/invited for questioning.

Therefore, since the respective State Governments and the Nigerian jihadistic security agencies have shamelessly become lily-livered in carrying out their avowed constitutional duties of securing/protecting lives and properties in this part of the world, Igbo town unions and youth groups should have no other option left than to float immediate responsive actions against these criminals and their criminalities out of our various communities and farmlands. It is forbidden that  in Igboland which used to be a place of brave warriors, has now become a colony of blood-sucking nomadic invaders.

They come in drones with the sinister agenda of attacking/killing our people while our brave youths and highly discreet town unions fold their hands and helplessly watch in dismay. It must be noted that the Nigerian alien government and it's pool of security agencies which the South-East Governors are representative of, are forcefully occupying Igboland and militarily laying siege. They will never ever provide us as a people, with the needed security because they all take pleasure in the calamity that is befalling us.

In fact, in the month of August 2018, when I traveled to Ebonyi State on assignment, and in the course of my interview with a renowned traditional ruler in his domain, he confided in me verbatim that the Ebonyi State Governor, Engr. Dave Umahi secretly told all the state traditional rulers that Whatever any of them deemed fit to do in facilitating the chasing out of their respective domain, these Fulani Islamic terrorists (herdsmen), would gladly be supported. This was the response given concerning the increasing menace of insecurity in the State.

The King even maintained that the media should so quote him. It is therefore better to know that thousands of Igbos are preferred being killed by the Fulani herdsmen than have the cynical South-East Governors do anything that will jeopardize their self-serving relationship with their Sokoto Caliphate slavemasters.

Some individuals could be asking how will these Fulani killer herdsmen be evicted out of the communities. The underlisted suggestions serve expeditiously, viz:-

* Fulani herdsmen could be evicted from the affected communities if the youths in unanimity with the elders and their town unions issued out enforceable orders compelling the marauders to vacate or face dire consequences.

* They could be evicted from the region if the indigenous people collectively agree to pour "Oguru-Akwu" which attracts soldier ants within the areas where these invaders carry out their grazing activities.

* They could also be evicted if the people can agree to spread undiluted snuff around the preferred grazing areas.

* These Islamic killers ravaging our land could also be evicted from our land if all the Igbos can boycott the consumption of cow meat outrightly. Corresponding decrees can as well be promulgated so that dwellers can stop forthwith, the patronage of such a commodity.

The above suggestions if adopted/applied within our communities, will most assuredly permanently expel the Fulani killer herdsmen from Igboland. We cannot do anything less than carrying out these actions, thereby making the entire region not only safely habitable but peaceful for the overwhelming law abiding indigenous citizens of the land.

Written by Mazi Onyebuchi Eze

Edited by Peter Oshagwu
For Family Writers Press

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