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Thursday 18 July 2019

Biafrans Must Beware Of The Manipulation Of The Foreign Powers

Biafrans Must Beware Of The Manipulation Of The Foreign Powers
Ex-British PM Tony Blair and El-Rufai

By Elochukwu Nicholas Ohagi,
For Family Writers Press International.

Many African revolutionary leaders were killed by fellow  Africans who were sponsored by Western powers. The aim is to continue keeping Africa down. That is exactly how Thomas Sankara was taken out. Many others went that way into oblivion.

It is in the interest of colonialists that bad and corrupt individuals rule African nations into a pitiable submission. Not only that it places the resources of Africa into their hands, also, the wealth stolen from Africa ends up in their bosom. Invariably, Africa is never poor, rather, the continent has been subjected under economic strangulation.

Even the aids and monies borrowed by African leaders go back to the same Western countries through one way or the other. In fact, they lend you these monies knowing that it is coming straight back to them. That's how corruption works. They lend money to African leaders, who loots the money, stash it in the bank of the lenders, while impoverishing their own countries.

How many times have Nigeria borrowed? Didn't this Muhammadu Buhari APC administration borrow for infrastructural development? If yes, where are those infrastructures, and where is the development?

The Nigeria President is not accountable to anybody. Same with the state governors. Those who manage to confront the tyranny and excesses of the Federal government are continually hounded and intimidated; Whereas those that keep quiet and play along are promoted from one political position to another. From being a Governor, some migrate into a senator. And the looting continues.

Nigeria produces crude oil. Nigeria doesn't own the companies drilling this oil. Nigeria can't refine this oil. Many workers in the oil companies are expatriates, whereas Nigerians in foreign lands are immigrants, who are disgraced and humiliated on a daily basis. Nigeria doesn't know how many barrels of crude oil that leave her shores every day. They simply sell crude and buy refined fuel, which they sell exorbitantly to the masses. That's after paying billions in the name of subsidy.

For many years, Britain have made sure the Fulani take control of the Federal government. It gives them unhindered access to the oil. The placement of the the Fulani at the helm of affairs makes Nigeria refuse to take charge of her God-given potentials. For 70years, Nigeria can't refine its oil and most of its natural resources. Britain is gone, but with the Fulani, they are still very much in charge!

That Nigeria have failed is an understatement. I call on the people of old Eastern Nigeria to understand that what they need is outright separation from Nigeria. Stop fooling and wasting your time on restructuring. For it won't come. You have to find out what restructuring means to a core northerner. An answer to this will help you understand that a bill for restructuring can never pass a second reading in the National Assembly. A restructured Nigeria will distance the North from the oil. With a restructured Nigeria, the North can't fulfill the agenda of Uthman Dan Fodio, which is dipping the Holy Koran into the Atlantic. Their stronghold on the South will loosen. And the North can never allow this to happen.

This is why Biafrans must restore their sovereignty. As we are doing this, we must be disciplined as not to give in to the destruction that comes out of selfishness. We should endeavor to have one central command and not create warlords that can easily be hijacked by foreign powers. Just like they did in other African nations.

We have been insulted enough. It is only the restoration of Biafra that can restore our dignity!

We must get it right, or die trying!

Edited By Paul Ihechi Alagba.

1 comment

  1. My brother Paul, you have made an excellent and a clear-eyed observation. It is my hope that enough will people will see it and refuse to be used as tools within to destroy our pursuit. But we must learn to deal ruthlessly with those who have allowed themselves to be used among us. The enemies of Africa, both within and without have continually hijacked our progress. We must rise up now starting with those who have been used in our midst to acquire hectares of land for the Fulani planned conquest of the Igbos; they have set out about $12 billion of our oil money to accomplish this game plan. Biafra must rise, now!


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