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Monday 29 July 2019



“I will rather have Bola Ahmed Tinubu as President than have an Igboman.... Some of the people in the South-East, who are ambitious, want to blackmail Nigeria into ceding power to them.” – Junai Mohammed.

The above statement credited to Junai Mohammed is a clear indication that he and his likes are out of tune with the current realities. The statement is therefore ridiculous, laughable and may only succeed in drawing sympathy for a man who is million years behind time. Who told Junai Mohammed that Igbo race wants to have her sons/daughters become Nigeria Presidents? Who told Junai Mohammed and his fellows that Biafrans want to be Presidents of Nigeria?

If there was a time an Igboman accepted “Unity in diversity”, it was because of his love for humanity, his desire to be his brother’s keeper, amongst the peculiar noble characteristics he is particularly known for within Biafraland. Biafrans accepted the philosophy of “Unity in diversity” to help build the famished Sahel region and it's feudalistic people.  Didn’t the West African Students Association in London in 1942, advise the North to cooperate with the South so as to achieve development and progress? After more than a century of enduring the “precarious lumping together” of a people with grave incompatibilities, Biafrans generally have taken an irrevocable decision to restore the sovereign State of their own nation, Biafra.

Nigeria means backwardness, retrogression and lawlessness. Did Ojukwu not say that the name Nigeria was synonymous with corruption more than fifty years ago? Today Nigeria is known as the most corrupt nation in the world. Nigeria is a country where its citizens live in abject penury in spite of the inherent abundant human and natural resources. Nigeria is a country where governance has become “cownized” (Cow- cracy). This is a country where people at the helm of affairs believe in lies, deception and denials which have all been described as shameless liars by eminent persons globally.

This is a country where millions of children are sent into the bushes/forests to either live, herd cows or move into the streets to become professional beggars rather than being sent to school. Nigeria is a country of destroyers instead of builders. Nigeria is a country where security apparatus shamelessly abdicates its noble responsibilities only for herders to take charge, brazenly manning the roads and the highways. Nigeria has been categorised into two most dangerous terrorist organizations in the world namely:  being a country of brutes and a place where murderers are rewarded handsomely while the innocent are jailed, killed or tagged terrorist by the government. For any Biafran to even dream of becoming a President of Nigeria, such has to accept regrettably, to be contaminated with the above mortal negativities. Biafra is forward looking, Biafra is development and progress epitomised in all ramifications. Biafra is justice, equity, freedom, peace and love. BIAFRA MEANS A LAND OF JOY.

Junai Mohammed can go ahead and install Bola Ahmed Tinubu as a President of Nigeria even from henceforth to ad-infinitum. Let Bola Tinubu start preparing his presidential inaugural speech, and his cow-infested cabinet list. It is evident that the enlightened, disciplined, courageous, development-minded  proud Yoruba race will definitely disassociate itself from anything filthy now and in the future, while Bola Tinubu may continue to hallucinate on being President of Nigeria. Let him be reminded, as a mark of charity that Obafemi Awolowo did not become President of Nigeria even for one day in spite of his sacrifices, dedication and commitment to the cause of “ONE NIGERIA”. Moshood Abiola did not become Nigeria President, even when he was adjudged the winner of the fairest and most credible national election, responsibly   conducted by Professor Humphrey Nwosu-led National Electoral Commission. Adaka Boro could not, even after “making waves” for the Nigerian military in the coastal areas of Biafraland during the Nigeria/Biafra war of 1967-1970, but was “mysteriously” killed by those he served.

Ask Nigeria! After shouting, “a Daniel has come to judgement” by few lovers of one Nigeria from Rivers state simply because Tam David-West was appointed Minister of Petroleum. Was Tam David-West not disgraced out of office for an offence he severally said that he did not commit?
On 1st of August 1966 during the “A-raba A-raba (Separation)” declaration by the North, Jack Yakubu Gowon said: “I have already remarked on the issue in question. Suffice to say that putting all considerations to test politically, economically as well as socially, the basis for unity is not there. ”That was Gowon’s reaction to the massacre of millions of Biafran men, women, children and even the elderly in various parts of Northern and Western Nigeria in 1966; a period some people euphemistically referred to as a period of “cracks on the artificial edifice called Nigeria”.

For other persons from the South and the central zone (Middle Belt) who may be with Bola Ahmed Tinubu and Dave Umahi, dreaming to become Nigeria Presidents, they should note the statements by the following personalities viz: (a) Malam Bala Garuba: "There is no need sharing the post of Prime Ministership and Presidentship with anyone"...Malam Bala Garuba, 30th December, 1964.  (b) In reaction to Olusegun Obasanjo’s lamentation of Buhari’s plans to Fulanize Nigeria, Alhaji Sule Lamido said: “The cracks along the various divides in our national cohesion are already turning into huge gorges.”

Finally, let Junai Mohammed know that the Hausa-Fulanis have driven the entity called Nigeria dangerously to the precipice. Nothing can stop Nigeria from plunging into the huge gorges! Therefore, only an imbecilic, political slave from the Southern or Central zones of the country will be deceived to begin to dream of becoming a President in an entity wriggling and convulsing in its dying-kicks.

Written by Iheukwumere Uche

Edited by Elemeghideonye Nnamdi Stephen
For Family Writers Press International

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