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Tuesday 23 July 2019

Muhammadu Buhari: A Necessary Evil

Muhammadu Buhari: A Necessary Evil

By Elochukwu Nicholas Ohagi
For Family Writers Press International

When APC was campaigning for election in 2015, Ndi Igbo completely rejected Muhammadu Buhari. They saw a destroyer, an ethnic jingoist, a religious bigot and an illiterate unworthy of ruling an animal kingdom, not to talk of governing humans.

Other Nigerians demonized Ndi Igbo. They called Ndi Igbo all sorts of names. They called them haters and bigots. The Yoruba used their media to run a campaign of calumny against Ndi Igbo. They said that Ndi Igbo love corruption, that's why they are supporting Goodluck Jonathan. They went as far as saying that Igbos only vote for their stomach. Did it stop there? No!

When Buhari finally rigged himself in, they castigated Ndi Igbo saying that they put their eggs into one basket, hence deserve no place in the new administration. Buhari himself relegated them to a pitiable 5% population and vowed not to treat them the same way he would treat his 97% brothers in tribe and religion.

Buhari started releasing Boko Haram members held in prison by the previous government and claimed to be rehabilitating them. He recruited terrorists into Nigeria military without any qualification.

Buhari went on to order the killing of more than 300 Shiite Muslims in one night. Nigeria soldiers killed women and children, burning some of them and hurriedly burying them in shallow graves in Zaria, Kaduna state. While he was doing this, his northern supporters from the North and Yoruba kept praising him.

Simultaneously, he descended on IPOB members. In a Community School Aba, he killed hundreds of IPOB members who gathered in the school compound to pray. The video of the killings is still on the internet and detailed by Amnesty International.

At Head Bridge Onitsha, he ordered Nigeria soldiers to shoot IPOB youths demonstrating with Biafra flags. At Nkpor, hundreds of IPOB members sleeping in a Catholic Church were rounded up and killed. Rivers of blood were seen covering the sands in the church and the streets. At Port Harcourt, during a solidarity rally for the victory of USA President, Donald Trump, President Buhari once again ordered the military to kill IPOB members.

While these were going on, Nigerians kept praising the beast in Aso Rock. They demonized IPOB and said Nnamdi Kanu killed the protesting  youths. President Buhari sent DSS against sitting judges.  He harassed and arrested them. Under Buhari, Nigeria Air Force who are doing nothing against Boko Haram dropped a bomb on IDP killing many people. It was a way of forcing them to vacate IDP camps. Once again, their evil supporters called it a mistake. Then Buhari continued disobeying Court order upon Court order. He refused to release Nnamdi Kanu after the IPOB leader was granted bail on several occasions. Same with El Zakzaki and Sambo Dasuki. For more than 4years, they have been in detention.

Buhari in his recklessness sent battalions of soldiers against Nnamdi Kanu in his residence, killing 28 youths, Nnamdi Kanu's cousin and their pet dog. A President that has without trial imprisoned many IPOB members is busy releasing Boko Haram members and paying them alongside their Fulani herdsmen affiliates. Talking about two terrorist groups that have killed more than 30,000 Nigerians.

Under Buhari, Nigeria for the second time slumped into recession. He made archaic policies that destroyed the economy to the eternal praises of his evil supporters. Buhari's government gave flesh and blood to corruption. Buhari used many ploy to steal lands from the indigenous people so as to hand them over to his Fulani herdsmen brothers. Under his watch, Fulani herdsmen have killed lots of people. They have wiped out lots of villages and kidnapped thousands of Nigerians. This they did with the protection of the president.

Today, the Daura born dictator has destroyed every institution of governance. He has taken over the judiciary by enthroning a Sharia judge as Nigeria's Chief Judge. He orchestrated the taking over of both the Senate and National House Of Representatives using his corrupt and Mace-stealing lawmakers. He organized the worse election ever conducted in Nigeria.

Buhari's emergence as Nigeria President is a good grievous mistake. He is exactly what is  needed to wake up people who still believe in Nigeria as a country. With Buhari, people have realized that in terms of corruption, Jonathan is just a learner compared to Buhari. They have come to understand that IPOB is right in their demand for referendum. Today, those that were shouting one Nigeria have known how stupid they have become.

When Buhari and APC finish with Nigeria, Nigeria will be buried forever!

Elochukwu Ohagi is a Teacher, philosopher and a political analyst.

Edited By Paul Ihechi Alagba.

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