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Sunday 18 August 2019



— By Maxwell Chuks
For Family Writers Press

““If you dominate the people with violence, they'll eventually fight back because they have nothing to lose””, with this great word, we welcome you to another wonderful edition of Spotlight of the week from the desk of Family Writers Press International.

• First here on our desk, we have:
“It will be unfair to deny South-East presidency in 2023” — Shehu Sani. The former lawmaker said this while reacting to the 2023 presidential zoning. But the people of South-East didn't keep quiet, they replied the former lawmaker, and said “We don't want 2023 presidency, we want Biafra”.

• We move over to politics in Nigeria!
As Atiku Abubakar and the other man called Muhammadu Buhari are still fighting in court over presidential election result; Timi Frank, former APC spokesman has made another shocking revelation. He said “We sabotaged Jonathan's government with lies and propaganda when I was in APC”.
** Chai! There is God o!

• “The prize for treachery is death”
Guess who said this......
It's Mazi Nnamdi Kanu the leader of IPOB. He said this to Ebonyi State governor, Dave Umahi who had during the week announced ban on the activities of IPOB in the state.
The matter didn't end there, IPOB also said to Governor Umahi “Pray nothing happens to any Biafran in Ebonyi”.
** Ghen Ghennn!

• “Anybody who tells you Buhari is not doing well is a liar from the pit of hell” — that's according to Joe Igbokwe the controversial anti-Igbo Lagos State APC spokesman.
** Reacting to his statement, Nigerians on social media began to say “Dry season thunder where are you...!”

• Still in Nigeria!
As Fulani herdsmen are busy maiming and killing, during the week, Reno Omokri, an ex-aide to former President Goodluck Jonathan voiced out. He said “Herdsmen will keep killing Nigerians because all we do is talk”.
** And we said “Gbam!”

• “Why are you angry over picture of President Buhari using toothpick” — Buhari's aide asks hungry Nigerians as a picture that showed Buhari comfortably using toothpick after Dinner, raised dust on social media.
** And guess what...., the toothpick in the picture is an imported one.

• “You are playing double standard over unity of Nigeria” — that's the one Northern Coalition slammed Ahmed Tinubu during the week.

• “Help unite Nigeria” — Buhari begs NYSC members.

• As insecurity worsens in Nigeria, lawyers on Federal Government's payroll has knelt down and said to Buhari “We need protection”.
** And the question is — Who doesn't need protection in Nigeria?.

• “Bandits o!, killings o!, terrorism o!” that's the only reggae we have been hearing, it has also been the only thing we have been seeing in Zamfara State.
But guess what happened during the week.....
Zamfara State government released and organize a big festival for terrorists, who, according to them, have repent.
** Huh!

• Daura leaders to Buhari: “We enjoy 24 hours power supply only when you are around”.
** And we ask — What about those that don't even see nor enjoy power supply at all?

• Still on Spotlight, during the week our Spotlight plane landed in Borno State where the governor did something about the controversial RUGA settlements project for Fulani herdsmen. He donated Sambisa forest for the project. He even urged all Fulani herdsmen to come over, that he is ready to accommodate them in Sambisa forest.
** So if you are a member of Miyetti Allah, Fulani herdsmen or “Foreign herdsman”, bother not to look for where to grab land, just hurry to Sambisa forest.

• Just after Nigerian soldiers murdered three policemen, a civilian and freed a notorious kidnap kingpin in Taraba, shocking revelations has continued to emerge.
During the week, report revealed that the kidnap kingpin bought a car for the army captain who ordered killing of the three policemen and a civilian. The report further said that some soldiers are on his payroll, they don't want him to mention their names that's the reason they murdered the policemen who arrested him.
** Huh! Welcome to Nigeria.

• During the week, federal government began clearing of land for the building of a maximum prison in Ogoni, Rivers State.
** And we ask — Is that the oil Clean-up which the people demanded?.

• “I will fight for the poor” — Buhari tells Nigerians
** Hmm.... Still watching.

• Nigerian Prisons Service have done it again o!
They said they don't want to bear that name again, so they changed the name to Correctional Service, and President Buhari stamped it “Gbam”.

• “Those who kill and shout Allahu Akbar don't know God” — Buhari.

• As DSS are busy jumping up and down, intimidating and arresting people,, a senior advocate of Nigeria, Babalola has reacted. He said “DSS duty according to law is to gather information, not arrest”.

• In Jos, a 15-year-old boy staged his own kidnap and demand 5 million naira ransom.
** Chai! Wahala everywhere.

• During the week, while the masses are crying of hunger and insecurity, the Nigerian Senate budgeted to spend N5.5 billion on official cars for lawmakers.
** Welcome to Nigeria!

• “El-Zakzaky requested to check into a 5 star hotel in India instead of hospital for treatment” — Federal Government of Nigeria alleged.
But Sheikh El-Zakzaky denied the report, he said where they took him to in India was worse than Kuje prison, he also said that instead of the doctors he choosed to treat him and his wife, the federal government brought other unknown doctors for him.
Viuuuw... Right now El-Zakzaky is back to the country and is detained again by DSS.

• “Anyone caught with fake certificate will be prosecuted” — NYSC DG warns.
People also responded by saying “Start from the top, someone there have a big fake certificate”.

• Despite photos and video evidence, as usual, Nigerian police denied that an Igbo boy was murdered in Kaduna for urinating near mosque.

• Remember who sang “Nigeria jaga jaga”?
Eedris Abdulkarim! He is at it again.
He reacted to the arrest of Nnamdi Kanu, and now the arrest of Omoyele Sowore by Muhammadu Buhari over protest. This time, he said “This government is the most dumbest administration in history”.

• “I am not Igbo” — the controversial Lagos State APC spokesman, Joe Igbokwe say as he denounce his Igbo origin.
** Huh! Speechless..

• Now we move over to Namibia where the Central Bank cried out during the week.
They said that they are very worried over the rate Namibians borrow to eat.
** Hmmmm.... Hunger everywhere in Africa.

• During the week, a global survey ranked Nigeria second country where citizens spend more time on social media.

• Now we move over to London where IPOB began Biafra genocide exhibition during the week.
The exhibition was graced by Phillip Effiong Jnr, the son of General Effiong, and many other people.

• RUGA again!
Just as we noted that it is still on the window waiting to sneak in; during the week, Benue State stakeholders screamed over it!
They said “Federal Government's livestock project is RUGA dressed in new regalia”.

• Herdsmen Killings: “I will use the resources available to protect YorubaLand in one month” — that's from Gani Adams.

• 2023 Presidency: “We are ready to give our support to Tinubu” — that's according to Northern Youths.
** And the game continues...

• “History will judge murderers of millions of innocent Biafrans” — Nnamdi Kanu say as he commend Phillip Effiong Jnr for his presence in the Biafra genocide exhibition in London.

• “Don't spare bandits, eliminate them” — Buhari tells Military.

• While Boko Haram is bombing and killing in Sambisa forest, during the week, Nigerian Army deployed troops and military hardwares to South-East. When the question became “Why”, they said “Do not panic, we want to carry out military exercise”.

• Our Spotlight plane landed in Benue again!
Down there in Benue State, unknown gunmen attacked mourners, Kill four persons and injure many others.
** Too sad.

• After shutdown of livestock markets in Enugu, Miyetti Allah announced that they have began tour of 14 Fulani settlements in Enugu. They said the tour is to sensitize Fulani herdsmen.
** One thing that caught our attention is the “14 Fulani settlements” they have in Enugu. What else is that if not the rejected RUGA?

• “End the killings by Fulani herdsmen” — Delta State governor, Ifeanyi Okowa tells Buhari.

• Chai! As the week was folding its curtain, something dramatically happened in Nuremberg Germany. It happened right in the venue where some Igbo politicians gathered to celebrate yam festival. The foreign yam turned around and eat one of them.
Senator Ike Ekweremadu! He was beaten mercilessly by angry Igbos. While landing slap and punch on him, they were saying “You want to celebrate yam festival in a foreign land while Fulani herdsmen are killing our people, you are among those working against the interest of the masses etc. They pounded him until he ran away from the venue. He ran away to the extent that he didn't even taste the foreign yam he went to eat.
** The question now is — Which Igbo yam are they celebrating in a foreign land? Is it the yam that Fulani herdsmen murdered people and stop them from going to farm to cultivate?.

• Knowing quite well that their own turn to receive it hot is around the corner, Ohanaeze hurriedly condemned the lesson-beating given to Ekweremadu. President of the black and red cap group, Nnia Nwodo, described it as a disgrace and called on German law enforcement agencies to arrest the perpetrators.
** Oh! Germany not like Nigeria.

• “It is an eye-opener and clear signal to every political leader in southern Nigeria! The people of the south are getting angry and you either stand up and defend them or stand aside!” — Fani-Kayode said while reacting to the attack on Ekweremadu.

• “If you mess with our people, we will disgrace and deal mercilessly with you if you come here, ....we will die here together...” — Igbos in diaspora tells South-East political leaders.
** Ghen Ghennn!


With this, we wrap up this week's edition of Spotlight from the desk of Family Writers Press. STAY SAFE AND LIVE WELL.

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