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Sunday 1 September 2019



A heartless and merciless mother you really are.

You rejoice at the suffering and death of your supposed children.

The heartless mother  that trades her children for frivolous gains.

The end generation of a mother

A supposed barren mother
The mother that ought to be wombless

The mother that inherited unmerited children
A mother that was offered previously adopted children.
Ohaneze Ndigbo, the mother that knows not the pains of child bearing
The mother that has never been to the labor room before

Ohaneze Ndigbo, the unspeakable mother
End time mother

A mother that rejoices seeing the blood of her children
A mother that despises good

A mother that gave her children poison in place of water

Unreliable and dishonest in all your dealings

What else can I say about you?
How else can I say it?
How can you be called a mother
When infertility is your name
when your wickedness has totally destroyed your womb,
When your abortions are infinite?

An unfruitful tree
Whose leaves are seasonally green
Whose taproot sprouts to the end the farm
Whose fatness is so glorious
Whose height is very mighty
Hindering other plants from growing
An aged tree
that knows not the sweetness of fruit productions

Ohaneze Ndigbo potholes that harbour stagnant water
It never wished to be repaired
Neither does it allow the stagnant water to dry
Extending it's ugly nature to other parts of the road
to divide the entire road

Ohaneze Ndigbo, a gift of misfortune to the people of Biafra
Ohaneze Ndigbo, the pains and sorrows of all the Igbos
Unfortunate creation amidst humanity
An evil, barren woman of a mother

Ohaneze Ndigbo, devil's seed deposit on the soil of Biafra
The salt on the surface of an injury
The arrow in the pierced heart
A worthless and tasteless salt
A belly that conceived tumor
A pregnancy that birthed snake
A grey headed cock
A red cap snake
A forbidden fruit

Ohaneze Ndigbo
the poisonous water
The poison that flows from the rock
The river that swallowed her very own people

Thanks to Nnamdi Kanu
the born Prince
Who has come to his people's rescue
Thanks to the global IPOB family units
Who heard the voice and followed
Thanks to our enemies
For making us remain formidable and resolute
Thanks to civilization
That has brought us the media

Nnamdi Kanu shall live to reign
IPOB shall reign forever
Generations unborn shall talk about us
His spirit lives

Ohaneze Ndigbo, the mother that feeds on her children.

Written by Paul Emerenini
For Family Writers Press International

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