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Friday 25 October 2019

The Tyrannical President And The Empire Of Death.

The Tyrannical President And The Empire Of Death.
Muhammadu Buhari

Written By Elochukwu Nicholas Ohagi
For Family Writers Press International.

36 years ago, Muhammadu Buhari overthrew a democratically elected government, took over power, raped the economy and made people beg for ordinary milk.

Today, same people he raped in those days came up and supported him into taking over power again through an obscure democratic means. This time around, he continued from where he stopped, crippled the economy and threw the country into recession, making people beg for ordinary rice to eat.

Currently, millions of students are not returning to school, because their parents can no longer afford their school fees. Those of them from primary 5 upwards have been forced into child-labour, to assist the family.

The illiterate in power has increased tax in everything, closed borders, and has succeeded in destroying more businesses than he did during his first dictatorial regime. The brutal dictator claims to be fighting corruption, gallivanting around the world doing absolutely nothing. It is certain that President Buhari will go down in history as the worst and most corrupt Nigeria head of state.

Yes, I know that there is no how an old man can return or perform like a young man, but I call him President Buhari, not that I don't know that some cabals are really those in power. They are so good in what they do that they are perfectly using religious sentiments to remain in power. The North now defend every bit of their atrocities as religious injunction. The border is closed, yet the North still  smuggle rice into the country. Cost of rice has skyrocketed to 25,000 naira here in the East, but still 16,000 naira or less in the North. Yet they say Nigeria is one country.

There are people that witnessed the first coming of this vindictive tyrant, that  still supported him into clinching power. They are shameless and evil.

President Buhari is not just clueless, he is a religious fundamentalist, groomed and supported by the Europeans, especially Britain.

The government of Britain has been evil right from their expedition into Africa. These people committed lots of evil and atrocities. They truncated the morality and development of Africanm. They raped our women, killed our leaders who resisted them and murdered millions of Africans. They then started their evil slave trade.

You need to see what these brutal colonists did to our people during these 300 years of slavery. It was horrible and terrible. They transported their captured slaves through the Sahara desert and Atlantic ocean without food and water. More than half of the slaves on transit  to Europe and America died on the way. They give them marks with red hot iron like ordinary animals. They are made to work under the rain and sun without pay, after which the women are also raped.

Same British government still commit atrocities in Nigeria till today. Through Shell and many other multinational oil companies, many communities have been rendered desolate as a result of oil spillage and air pollution. British government have continued to sponsor wicked, vindictive and Islamic Fulani tribe to be at the helm of affairs in Nigeria. It guarantees easy raping of the country. Imagine a country that discovered oil more than 65years ago looking this wretched and poor. Compare it with Qatar, Saudi Arabia or Dubai, you will shed tears.

That is why it is easy for them to orchestrate the switching of the late Buhari with another younger man.

Today, the extremely sickly and old President Buhari no longer go for Check up again. He is now young man of 50 years, wanting to marry a new wife. That is a man that ought to be in the doorstep of 90.

In months to come, more children will be out of school to start petty works. If you talk they send soldiers and police against you. They kidnap you and within a short time,accuse you of terrorism.
Terrorism in Nigeria is speaking the truth and standing tall against the evils of the government. While they pamper, recruit into the army and rehabilitate Boko Haram terrorists and Fulani herdsmen terrorists.

Nigeria is the seat of evil. There is no hell elsewhere except in Nigeria.

Elochukwu Ohagi is a Philosopher, School Teacher and Activist.

Edited By Paul Ihechi Alagba.

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