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Monday 18 November 2019

Do Political Jobbers Truly Want Freedom?

Do Political Jobbers Truly Want Freedom?

By Elochukwu Nicholas Ohagi,
For Family Writers Press International.

There is nothing IPOB led by Nnamdi Kanu has done which the political jobbers have not criticized destructively. IPOB protested, but instead of encouraging them, they were busy questioning why Nnamdi Kanu is sending people to their death. They refused to understand that this is democracy, and protest is the fundamental human right of all.
Soldiers attacked and killed IPOB members; they turned around and blamed it on Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB leadership. They talked as if it is IPOB leadership that gunned down their own members. These people didn't call out a president that sent fully armed soldiers against peaceful protesters. They didn't blame the killers, but the victims.

IPOB called for a boycott, and they accused IPOB of being paid by Buhari. Some went mad on social Media narrating how it is Buhari that released Mazi Nnamdi Kanu to come and campaign against Atiku. They actually meant that Nnamdi Kanu is working with the same man that came on 14th September, 2017 to kill him and ended up killing 28 IPOB youths. They never tried reasoning with IPOB, yet after the election, everything IPOB said happened. Boycott became a better option. PVC became totally useless and the judiciary turned out to be a huge joke.

IPOB members respect their leader without monetary inducement;  the political jobbers started accusing them of Hero Worshipping. Same people accusing IPOB will be seen following politicians up and down as long as t`he money is flowing.

When IPOB made effort to get the attention of the United Nations, they said UN won't give us Biafra. IPOB demonstrated in almost every nation of the world, they said protest won't give us Biafra. IPOB takes their case to USA, and they ridicule it. They have never agreed that IPOB is making an impact. Mazi Nnamdi Kanu got released, took his gospel of freedom across Eastern States, and it sparked debate on restructuring, yet political jobbers said it is not about Nnamdi Kanu.

Some of them are now saying that it is only war that can give us Biafra, but if war start this minute, they will turn around and blame it on IPOB.

One thing we must understand is that freedom fighting is difficult, dangerous and complex. That's why IPOB have presence everywhere, both home and abroad; with everyone doing their best to restore Biafra. IPOB is peaceful and non violent. They believe in diplomacy that will rebirth the great Biafra nation, through a free and fair referendum. IPOB as a peaceful movement is never afraid to defend themselves.

I don't think these political jobbers truly want Nigeria to end. They see Nigeria as a source of income, for as far as Nigeria is intact and the criminal politicians they support are still in power, they are very sure of their 'allowee' and peanuts. They don't want Nigeria to end and neither do they want Biafra to come.

Biafrans should beware of these political jobbers.

Elochukwu Ohagi is a Philosopher, Teacher and Activist.

Edited By Paul Ihechi Alagba.

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