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Thursday 19 December 2019

Ambazonia And Biafra: Same Goal, Different Method

Ambazonia And Biafra: Same Goal, Different Method

By Elochukwu Nicholas Ohagi
For Family Writers Press International.

Since the news about United States statement ordering Cameroonian soldiers out of Southern Cameroon broke, some Biafrans have been urging IPOB leadership to follow the methods used by Ambazonians, saying that this is how to get immediate international community's attention; stating further that Freedom is never given but taken. What they actually suggest is for Biafrans to pick up arms like the people of Ambazonia.

Yes, arm struggle is potently true in most cases of freedom fighting, but not entirely true when it comes to the Biafra question. Those comparing Biafra with Ambazonia are making great mistake. No one with understanding of history and its implications will place Biafra and Ambazonia side by side, not to talk of wishing that Biafra takes up the Ambazonian method.

Before Ambazonia took up arms against Cameroon in defence of their people, their entire people agreed and supported the move. Even their elected politicians resigned in protest against the atrocities the Francophone part of Cameroon is committing against them. There were total agreement between the people and their political leaders, just like during the earlier days of Biafra in 1967.

After the pogrom in 1966, when HausaFulani killed more than 50,000 Ndi Igbo and other Easterners living in Northern Nigeria. Easterners returned back to the East, and when Aburi accord was thrashed by the then Nigeria Head of State, Major General Yakubu Gowon, all Easterners resigned automatically from office they held in Nigeria, mandated Odumegwu Ojukwu to declare Eastern Nigeria a Republic Of Biafra. Biafra went on to fight a war of survival just like Ambazonia is doing today. It is pertinent to note that Biafra lost because the world was then in darkness, unlike now anyone can report every atrocities of the government. British government used BBC to lie and demonize Biafra as the aggressors, whereas Biafrans are the victims.

Those asking and demanding that IPOB should go the Ambazonia way are asking IPOB to repeat the events of 1967/70. This call is improper and currently unnecessary because Nigeria and Cameroon are not the same.
You need to place Nigeria on the table and understand her very well. IPOB is not only facing HausaFulani, they too are facing the Yoruba. South Westerns are cunning people who will always align with the North against the East for the sake of their stomach and juicy political offers. During the war, they fought alongside the North. Same thing they did against President Goodluck Jonathan. But in Cameroon, it is one against one.

Also, Southeast has leaders who will never support their own people unlike the Ambazonians. Southeast leaders will always support the Fulani caliphate against their own people. This means that IPOB leadership is wise not to use Ambazonia method when almost 98% of those holding political office in Biafra land are saboteurs and betrayals of their own people. IPOB is wise not to give them opportunity to wipe out their own people, and afterwards recruit online mischievous individuals masquerading as Facebook intellectuals to blame the deaths on IPOB. IPOB is on course moving to neutralize the powers of these Fulani stooges.

It is almost indisputable to say that the method of IPOB is the best, owing to the situation of things in Nigeria. IPOB's method moved from protest both within and outside Nigeria to a high-tech diplomatic approach. IPOB has maintained presence in almost the entire nations of the world, from USA to UK, from Russia to Japan etc. IPOB have successfully brought their case to UN. Should incase anything happens, IPOB believe will defend Biafra land, knowing that the world will be on their side. Now out of frustration, even without peaceful protest, Nigeria government moves around, going house to house and in work places kidnapping Igbo people, claiming they are IPOB members. All these are hastening the restoration of Biafra.
The end point is that just like Ambazonians are on the right track, Biafra restoration project championed by IPOB is also on the right track. The two scenario have the same goal in common, but requires different method.

Elochukwu Ohagi is a Philosopher, Teacher and Activist.

Edited By Paul Ihechi Alagba.

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