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Tuesday 10 December 2019



The safety of the world is predicated on the safety of humanity which in itself is an intricate bond, demanding the responsibility of all men and women of good conscience. It is with the persevering will of the global community to ensure that the supremacy of justice, liberty/freedom and the common good of all prevail. These guarantee peace development and happiness.

Biafra is a land of joy which remains a significant unit to humanity. It is as ancient as nature itself. Time was, when it's land space “extended from Cape Formosa in latitude 4 degrees 21”North, longitude 6 degrees 10”East to Cape saint John in latitude 1 degree 15”North; longitude 9 degrees 30”East. It's coasts extended more than 500 miles”(Ukaegbu, 2005). Inclusive in Biafra then were the Islands of Fernando Po and Cape Horatio.

Biafra was and still is, an area blessed with abundant human and natural resources—luxuriant and diverse trees, plants, vegetables spices and other numerous crops; industrious, energetic and creative men, women and children who from time, knew how to explore, harness, recreate and regenerate nature for simple, unadulterated, harmonious and joyous existence among themselves and with their neighbours and visitors.

These resources and characteristics of Biafra and Biafrans became irresistible attraction of Europeans to Biafra. Experts in African history observed that “a visit to Africa by any European was incomplete without reaching Biafra,” (Ezeani, 2005).

While some came for exploration and/or commerce on spices based on mutual respect and human dignity, others came to subjugate, enslave and exterminate the indigenous people of the territory.

Ever since the Portuguese slave raiders pioneered Trans-Atlantic slave trade in 1440 and were later joined by other European slave raiders in 1445, Biafra has been an endangered unit of humanity. The indigenous people of Biafra have constantly suffered series of genocide, calculated to exterminate them from the surface of this planet earth.

In the four hundred and fifty years of Trans-Atlantic slave trade 1440 – 1888 AD, Biafra has lost more than forty millions of it's men, women and children of productive age who were kidnapped and shipped in shackles to America, the Caribbean and Europe to work in mines and plantations. Millions of Biafrans died in their bid to escape from the raiders or as a result of shock. Millions also died on board slave ships to America, the Caribbean and Europe with their bodies dumped into the ocean. That it took men, women of good conscience and their various nations more than eighty years (1803AD –1888AD) to effectively abolish the slave trade, is a clear pointer to the degree of horror and devastation Biafrans suffered at the time.

The fraudulent One-NIGERIA has been an abattoir designed and established to ensure serial massacre and eventual extermination of Biafrans by Hausa-Fulani Oligarchy who are neither interested in co-operation nor association with Biafrans. In the Jos riot of 1945 and Kano riot of 1953 organized and supervised by Fulani NPC government officials, more than two thousand (2000) Biafrans resident in Northern Nigeria were massacred and their properties and shops worth hundreds of thousand pound sterlings were either looted or destroyed.

Colonial administration at the time played down the number of the dead to three hundred (300) and five hundred (500) respectively. The perpetrators were never arrested.

From May 1966 to September 1966, more than two hundred (200) military officers and eighty thousand (80,000) civilians resident in various parts of Northern Nigeria and Lagos were massacred. Wombs of pregnant women were ripped open and foetuses killed while the world watched without blinking eye-lids!!

In the thirty months war forced on Biafrans from July 1967 to January 1970, more than two million Biafran children were starved to death; more than three million civilians were bombed and or gunned down to death in their villages, towns, markets, hospitals and squares.

The cash squeeze and the abandoned property policy of the Nigerian government caused the death of several thousands of Biafrans who could no longer withstand the traumatic extermination policy. In spite of the so-called "No Victor, No Vanquished", mouthed by Yakubu Gowon's government in 1970, the invasion to exterminate Biafrans still rages on in all sectors at all fronts. There was an ill-conceived decree to outlaw the name Biafra out of existence by renaming Bight of Biafra to Bight of Bonny, arresting and/or even killing persons in possession of Biafra-related artifacts; closure of southern borders, massacre of Biafrans in their homes, streets, even when they are praying in churches and open-fields. Burning down homes when Biafrans gather to bury their dead and mourn with their bereaved friends and relations.

Perhaps, soon it will be treasonable to wear indigenous clothes or answer indigenous Biafran names!

It may soon be terrorism for Biafrans to be seen in groups of two or more!

How many more ethnomusicologists Charles Keils, does the international community want to see being shown the disemboweled bodies of Biafrans along streets and roads? How many times does the international community want to hear and read that a foreign ethnomusicologist was told with glee that eliminating Biafrans was a great favour to him? How many Bruce Mayrocks does the international community want to see set themselves ablaze before the world realizes that defenseless Biafrans are being exterminated daily?
Are there no more men and women of good conscience in the world? Must Biafran blood continue to flow in the streets?

Men, women and Nations imbued with good conscience, arise!

Give Biafrans a referendum! Let Biafra be set free.
Save Biafra!!

It is an inevitable duty to humanity!!!

Written by Iheukwumere Uche

Edited by Peter Nonso Ikeh
For Family Writers Press International

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