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Monday 30 December 2019

Can a dead Nigeria be revived?

Can a dead Nigeria be revived?

By Amanda Uzor
For Family Writers Press International

A country is dead when it lacks patriotism and isn’t productive.  You only find patriotism in a vision of a country that is inclusive. Apart from Fulani parasites and the corrupt and greedy politicians in the South, no other group of people want to be Nigerian because they are indigenous people of other nations forced to become Nigerians.

Nigeria has always been a cage where all kinds of animals are caged and expected to stay in harmony, but the animals keep fighting and biting each other. Each one of the animals has wounds all over body. The people who made this cage pretend not to see the wounds on the animals, therefore, refused to separate the animals in different cages with their kinds.  As a result, the animals die every day and the people could not withstand the smell of dead animals sprayed all over the environment.

So, the answer is no. Nigeria is dead and can never be revived. The reason being that the people have always considered themselves strangers to one another. Forget about deception implemented by so-called Nigerian leaders and corrupt politicians. There are some who profess to be Nigerian that are con artists and schemers. The Demons that created One Nigeria through deception and violence are eaten up by maggots as Nigeria is in total decay. These demons always try and get a lot out of people by using the power of manipulation. Despite this demonic power of deception and constant manipulation, Nigeria is so openly divided and can never be one.

The Biafran people have stated on several occasions, certain so-called Nigerians in the South, Biafraland as agents working secretly with the Fulani against other Southerners. The Fulani now think that plots and plans against who they think are weak people, will go without challenges. Now, they have taught us how to get away with murder, the Fulani terrorists tagged herdsmen. In today’s Nigeria it’s difficult to differentiate between the police and armed robbers on the highways.

In another thread Biafrans spoke regarding Southern politicians who are nothing but serious con men and scammers. They use young people in the worst of ways, during the elections and other dirty jobs. Just as Muhammadu Buhari uses Orji Kalu, Rotimi Amaechi, Rochas Okorocha and Godswill Akpabio.

If he can't use you as his personal slave then he'll meet secretly with parties to get rid of you. During the 2015 election, Rotimi Amaechi, a Southerner from Rivers State was Buhari’s willing tool who bent on destroying Goodluck Jonathan, a Southerner from Rivers state to make an uneducated, old, sick Fulani man, Buhari the President of Nigeria simply because he was promised that if he made his way to Abuja he would be in control of the whole of the so- called South South  within the eastern region.

How foolish, that isn’t the case right now. Chibuike Amaechi is irrelevant in the whole of the South today.  Never you under estimate the stupidity of man. Even though it was more of deception in the end, Amaechi utterly disheartened and sought a compensation with tears from the Buhari and his Fulani cabals after that election, yet he never retracted his steps.  Maybe he felt compensated with the ministry of transport, What a job.  How much more sale-out could these con men be?

Today, Buhari’s government is all about deception, false testimonies, and fabrication of all kinds of lies, and working against Southerners and Christians. Good enough, Orji Kalu has been taken down by the same caucus while Akpabio, Rochas Okoroacha and Amaechi wait for their turn.

These demons are the type who goes through a neighbour's property, gets something that belongs to them, and then cast spells. And they go around the community, as we know them, pretending to be upright and righteous.

Since Buhari took office in 2015, Christians have been murdered in thousands, the killings done openly, and the police don’t have to interfere, they are Buhari’s new terrorist group, Fulani herdsmen. If Fulani herdsmen invaded a peaceful Christian village and kill innocent people, they get 100 billion naira from Buhari, but if the community launches a counter attack that leads to killing a Fulani terrorist they will be called criminals and be thrown into prison, money extracted from them if they ever appear in court.

This piece had to be written for the sole purpose of exposing those evil politicians and Fulani devils who are secretly working together, while believing their own lies, that they are deceiving everyone. Biafrans are suffering and are dying (murdered, overdose on pains killers, and economic strangulation) at the intense and well calculated hands of both Fulani and Southern corrupt politicians. The sad thing is that there are Southerners who use supreme knowledge to oppress, manipulate, or control the minds of others. They are called pastors, GOS, and men of God. They ignored the suffering of the downtrodden and building churches for franchise.  And all of these ends tragically, which seems to continuously moving in that direction, the death of Nigeria.

The world shall know the truth about those Fulani Devils and their nefarious who seem to want to mentally manipulate others into believing that they are both trustworthy and upright adepts. But in truth they are Devils who are out for one thing. Money! They are no different from a common selfish and destructive drug dealer who doesn't care how his/her product destroys the community they distribute it in. All they care about is "money", no matter how many dies in the process of obtaining it. In all actuality they are considered murders. So, let’s call them what they are and quit trying to sugar coat. This piece shall be read even by the Southern corrupt politicians as we keep exposing them as enemies within, while we celebrate the demise of Nigeria.

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