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Wednesday 18 December 2019



Family Writers Press International, a vibrant media branch of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), has it that representatives of the Nigerian government based in Liberia, concocted trending  lies, suggesting that the stoppage of IPOB family members, numbering about fifty (50), from attending an important family meeting, stemmed from acts of criminality. They were said to have embarked on a trip on two fully loaded mini buses from Monrovia (Montserrado county), the capital city of Liberia, to Ganta in Nimba county for IPOB gathering. This was unfortunately, carried out by D.E.A, immigration and the police joint forces of the nation of Liberia.

On stopping the buses at the Sallala security checkpoint in Bong county, the joint forces were reported to have asked one of the IPOB family members to disembark for a search which was obliged and successfully conducted. The leader of the IPOB team was equally identified, being the coordinator. They were eventually ordered to turn back, thereby stopping them from being part of the gathering they were headed for. This took place on Friday 29th November 2019, at about 09:00GMT.

Presently, information gathered by Family Writers Press International has it that one of the so-called Nigerian community leader in Ganta, Nimba county, concocted lies against the IPOB family there and Biafrans globally. The Nigerian Ambassador in Liberia, ordered the Liberian police to truncate free movements of IPOB family members to their desired destinations and also forbid them from holding related gatherings whatsoever in Bong county. And living up to their deception, they have equally gone to the extent of granting interviews to a Liberian radio station to massage their lies against IPOB.

We must importantly however, ensure that all these lies are thwarted.

(1) We hereby wish to categorically make it known to the Liberian government and other relevant authorities that the claim that Biafra got united with Nigeria after the war is a blatant lie. The old Eastern part of Nigeria (Biafraland) has since after hostilities in 1970, been under relentless subjugation, marginalization, victimization, killing, etcetera. The falsehood being presented by Nigerian representatives should be totally discountenanced and such oppressive actions targeted against IPOB family members be stopped forthwith. The Liberian government can equally carry out it's investigations.

(2) Their accusations on Mr. JohnBosco A. Damian Igwe suggesting that:

(a) He left their union because of his arrogance and refusal to abide by their rules.

(b) He formed a group whereby the members are administered with oaths not to reveal their activities to none members.

The Liberian government should as a matter of emphasis, note that IPOB stands as an acronym for "Indigenous People of Biafra", who are  peaceful, law abiding, lovers of freedom, equity and justice. They are not terrorists as being branded or accused by the Nigerian government and it's officials. This did not start today but as usual, they have continued to fail in their evil bids to criminalize the organization in law courts.

The aforementioned accusations are blatant lies and are therefore, countered with the following truth:

(a) JohnBosco A. Damian (Igwe), is originally not supposed to belong to any Nigerian union as a pure breed Biafran. He has absolutely nothing in common either religiously, culturally, linguistically, diet-wise or in mode of dressing with Nigerians. It was through deception and falsehood that Biafrans were forcefully integrated into an unworkable union with Nigerians. All sane Biafran citizens have decided to extricate themselves from the shackles of the Nigerian contraption and all it represents, by getting united with their kiths and kins for the collective push for the total restoration of the sovereign nation of Biafra. They want to fully regain their identity and glory as a people.

Therefore, Mr. Igwe who has wisely and duly recognized this truth and joined with his people in the struggle, is not in any shape or form, guilty of the trumped up allegations as outlined. This is more so because it is his inalienable right as contained even in the Nigerian constitution.

(b) The issue of forming a group is not just laughable but nauseating. This is because IPOB which the grossly uninformed or misinformed, shamelessly accused Mr. Igwe of forming, is clearly and indisputably a globally acclaimed largest indigenous peaceful and enlightened freedom fighting organization in the entire universe. Mr. Igwe therefore, did not form any group or organization and he is not a terrorist. He has simply joined the voice of truth, freedom and justice.

With particular reference to oath taking, it should be clearly stated here and understood that it is an IPOB well articulated principle that has over the years, kept it's membership exceptionally formidable, resilient, disciplined, courageous, focused, incorruptible and reliable. Every government official or members of  organizations world over, do pledge of allegiances one way or the other and that exactly, is what obtains in IPOB. From the explanations so far, the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), has the delight and authority to summon all relevant authorities all over the world to prevail on the Liberian government to stop forthwith, such actions that tend to emasculate the rights of it's members and allow them the freedoms of association and gatherings within the country.

Written by Egwuatu Chukz and Ogah C.S. Maduabuchi

Edited by Peter Oshagwu
For Family Writers Press International

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