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Sunday 5 January 2020



The Nigerian Islamic government, in it's frustration and desperation to contend with irrefutable truth being churned out to the world by the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), has shamelessly taken to abysmal self-destructive measures by engaging media thugs to further hoodwink the gullible. If misinformation persists about Biafran history, it then means that "Africa Check" lacks either accurate information about Biafra or clearly falls into the group of newly established zoo (Nigeria) media outlets, handsomely paid by the Jubril/Abba Kyari led Nigerian government to destroy the reputation of Biafrans. "Telltale" clearly signifies false news dissemination and that is exactly what "Africa Check" is doing at present.

"Pro-Biafran organisations are using propaganda tools", forms part of the catchy news items (captions) being criminally floated by "Africa Check" after having heavily been financially settled by the Nigerian government.

"Africa Check" should be courageous enough to tell the world if the IPOB leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, lied in any of his broadcast statements regarding what is happening now in Nigeria. Has this compromised media organization ever taken the pains to investigate the exact identity of the impostor in Aso Rock, that is impersonating late Muhammadu Buhari? Why is "Africa Check" turning blind eyes to issues of utmost importance? Why not employ the ethics of the profession and discard the hypocritical brown envelope-oriented journalism? Why has Africa Check not gone to the communities that are consistently ravaged, men gruesomely killed and women raped by the Fulani killer herdsmen to ascertain if what are being said are really the truth or mere propaganda?

Is Africa Check saying that people were not killed during the war that the Nigerian state levied against Biafrans or are Biafrans just insinuating that about eight (8) million of their innocent relatives comprising of children, women, men and the elderly gruesomely cut down in that genocidal onslaught that lasted from 1967 to 1970 never happened? Is Africa Check presently telling the world, as a supposed vanguard of truth that Britain, Russia, Egypt and Arabic countries amongst others, did not give support to the then Nigerian government in it's extermination drive against the Biafran people? To what extent has this shamelessly compromised, useless and hopeless media outlet gone to unravel the exact information regarding the Biafran history before coming up to the general public to display it's level of ignorance, hypocrisy and stupidly? How was your research actually carried out before you jumped into conclusion that our efforts in getting the global community duly informed about our stories, are mere propagandas?

It is advisable that you hungry and false news peddlers, shamelessly servicing the interest of the Fulani oligarchy, better mind your businesses and stop forthwith in writing and publishing rubbish in the name of journalism. Stop hobnobbing with the corrupt Nigerian government officials because of your crave for financial inducements, thereby prompting unfounded and derogatory reports against Biafrans. The earlier this your "Africa Stupidity Check" totally desist from this evil enterprise, the better for it, otherwise, it will go moribund just as fastly as it came. It should be on note that the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), have the capacity and the capability of destroying every lies being churned out from Nigeria, with irrefutable truth.

Be warned!

Article edited and published by Family Writers Press International.

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