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Monday 13 January 2020

Stop Dragging Us: Ikwerre Is Not Igbo And That’s The Gospel Truth

Stop Dragging Us: Ikwerre Is Not Igbo And That’s The Gospel Truth

By Obinna Okparuba

This topic has been over flogged and I am here to end it all. Ikwerre is an ethnic group in River State in the old Eastern Nigeria but fraudulently said to be in the South South.

A creation of the Fulani caliphate to disconnect us properly from the Igbo because of the oil, I have never seen South South on the compass or map anywhere in the world.
Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and Madam Briggs

We the Ikwerre don’t have anything to do with the Igbo, we have our ancestry through Akalaka (Destiny in Igbo language) who came from Benin and settled in the present Ikwerre land.

'The fact that Akalaka was the direct father of Ihru ọha (Ikwerre). Iwhnurọhna, in Ikwere parlance, means the face of the community (town, city or village). Nigerian colonial history records that the name “Ikwerre” was given by the colonial administration when they wanted to acquire the Rebisi waterfront to build the wharf. Using an Ibo interpreter to talk to the illiterate Rebisi (Port Harcourt) chiefs, they asked them: Would you permit us to use the waterfront to build the wharf for ships to berth? And the Chiefs answered: A KWERULEM , meaning – “We have agreed.” (In Igbo)

What the white-man was hearing was “Ikwerre,” so he recorded it in the official gazette that the IKWERRE PEOPLE have agreed for the colonial administration to build the wharf.

Therefore 'Akwerulam' later metamorphosized in to Ikwerre, so we are not Igbo.

The umbrella union that gathers all Ikwerre worldwide is call Ogbakor Ikwerre (Gathering of Ikwerre in Igbo)

During the 2015 Presidential campaign, Chibuike Amaechi (Ikwerre man), Speaking in Igbo Izugbe (Central Igbo) while campaigning for Buhari in Aba, told the crowd that the person calling himself Ebele Azikiwe Jonathan(GEJ) is not an Igbo man like him, that if the crowd thinks GEJ is Igbo they should ask him to speak Igbo when he comes to campaign, and recently when people where complaining that Buhari have sidelined Igbo in his government, Chibuike Amaechi came out again to say that people got it wrong that the Igbo are getting their due appointment in Buhari government because he is an Igbo man with appointment in Buhari’s regime.

And then painfully enough Chibuike Amaechi won the Ohaneze Ndigbo Man of the year Award in 2015. Aru!!(Abomination) how could they award an Ikwerre man such accolades? I know their plan; they just want to steal our oil.

2018 December period I watched a video of Julius Agwu, the renowned comedian visit his mum in the village and found her in the farm, she spoke with him a dialect of Igbo I can understand clearly.

Meanwhile, Barr. Uche Okwukwu is the secretary General of Ohaneze Ndigbo and he is from ikwerre land, while the president of Ohaneze Ndigbo in River state is Prince Igo Okparanma from Isiokpo River State.

But I will tell you that we are still not Igbo, we are Ikwerre, get that into your think skull, all you want is our oil, the Fulani ruling cartel can have all the oil wells, you the Igbo already have the highest per capita income in Nigeria, manage that one.

During my university days in Jos Plateau State, I remember vividly whenever the Igbo Union is hosting the annual Igbo Day celebrations at the Jos Township stadium, they usually erect 6 canopies representing Anambra, Abia, Ebonyi, Enugu, Imo and the 6th canopy will house Igbo from Rivers, Delta and Benue States put together.

And also during the unending tribal and religious riots in Jos, we the Ikwerre will always run to an area known as Apata, which is an Igbo stronghold for safety, we can’t even run to an Benin strong hold for safety.

But remember we are still not Igbo, all you want is our oil. we will fight you and make sure you will never smell it, even though there is oil in Anambra, Imo and Abia states, your eyes is on our oil. Let the North that doesn’t have oil maintain all the oil wells in their possession already. Thank You.

-Obinna Okparuba is not an Igbo man, but am a Film Script writer based in Lagos. You people are claiming that am Igbo because you want to steal my Film Scripts


1 comment

  1. The level of STUPIDITY and IDIOCY in this writing has forced me to comment. All examples given by the writer are core proves that this people are Igbos;Look at your NAMES, Traditions & cultures;U are our cousins, bros, sisters,aunts etc. But u are very biased n envious & u were paid to write this RUBBISH;We all know the history about origins of peoples.
    As u know, we've oil n highest per capita & most intelligent to build our independent nation. 5 core Igbo States are far bigger than many countries in Europe;We need freedom of all peoples trapped in the zoo, Nigeria.U're proud Fulanis own all the oil wells in your land n yet u hate Igbos.SHAMEFUL!!!


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