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Wednesday 8 January 2020

The Religious Maradonas, The Dirty Politicians And The Gullible Masses

The Religious Maradonas, The Dirty Politicians And The Gullible Masses
Fr. Mbaka and Buhari

By Elochukwu Nicholas Ohagi
For Family Writers Press International.

I have stayed and read yet another prophecy coming from Rev Father Ejike Mbaka, the Catholic Priest from Enugu state, and I made a solemn decision not to keep quiet. Not in a time when supposedly top men of God has started collaborating with the politicians to fool, rubbish, intimidate, dribble and impoverish the masses for their selfish gain.

I know that Rev Fr Ejike Mbaka has sent the Holy Spirit against those that will come after him for the prophecy he delivered. To Father Mbaka I say this, Holy Spirit isn't your personal property. You don't threaten or order the Holy Spirit about. You don't threaten people, at least not people like me with a dealing from God. God doesn't have anything to do with  the untruthful. We don't fear such threats and can't fail to stand tall in truth just because of your move to cow the gullibles.

I have tried to alert the people on the dubious collaboration of the Men of Stomachs masquerading as Men of God with dirty and evil politicians, but our people have continuously failed to listen. Each time, they tell you to judge not, or touch not God's anointed and His prophet do no harm. Who said telling a Pastor or a Priest the TRUTH or correcting him is harming him or judging him? Why have the people decided to live in gullibility, allowing the politicians to continue leading astray Men Of God?
Personally, I have a problem with Karl Max line that accused Religion as the Opium Of the Masses. I rather see ignorance as the biggest culprit here and not religion. In our deepest ignorance, we have encouraged magicians to transform into MEN OF GOD controlling big Churches and aiding the wicked politicians in the subjugation of the people.

In 2015, Rev Father Ejike Mbaka came with a prophecy that Buhari is a God-sent. A Messiah that will wipe the tears of Nigerians. He then started a campaign of calumny against the then sitting President Goodluck Jonathan. He called him a devilish corrupt killer of the Nigeria people. He said Buhari will win. The millions of gullible Christians who will rather believe anything silly simply because it is coming from a man of God believed the stage-managed prophecy. Many gave their support for General Muhammadu Buhari.

All efforts made by people like us to educate the people and avert the impending disaster yielded no fruit. We urged them to embrace history and see that Muhammadu Buhari is simply a rusted antiquity that can only be good for a museum, but they chose to listen to Pastors and Priests who have sold their consciences over monetary gains. From Lagos, Kaduna to Enugu, prophecies were being dished out in favor of APC. Finally, the massive rigging of APC was seen by majority of gullible Christians as a prophecy that came to fulfillment. They refused to see the real game going on behind their back, between APC and those they revered as Men Of God. At last, Buhari won, not because God wanted it; He won because the top men of God both in Catholic and Pentecostal denominations played a mind game on Nigerians. The gullibility of Nigerians simply complimented their rigging.

Today, the coming of APC has appeared terribly worse than PDP's 16years. Thousands of people have died, not just in the hands of Boko Haram terrorists alone, but also in the hands of Nigeria military and police. Under APC, IPOB peaceful protesters were killed. More than 300 Shiite Muslims were murdered in one night by Nigeria military. Under APC, Nigeria Air force have bombed IDP camps killing thousands of Nigerians. Fulani Herdsmen have been empowered by the Federal government and they have been killing and sacking villages. From herdsmen, they transformed into Bandits and kept killing and kidnapping. Millions of Nigerians also lost their jobs and businesses because of the useless economic policies of APC government. Hunger became the lots of Nigerians while the politicians kept donating to these end-time pastors.

While these were happening, non of those stomach selfish pastors that saw a Messiah in Buhari ever complained or condemned the atrocities perpetrated by APC government. Rev Fr Ejike mbaka lost his voice. He no more see evil nor hear evil. Fulani herdsmen even went to Enugu State, killed a Catholic Seminarian and priest, yet the 2014/15 outspoken priest only uttered a deafening silence. We are no fools and not all of us are gullible.

Today, 2020, he is back with yet another prophecy. APC will takeover Imo, he foretold in his New Year Message.

I am no PDP member, neither am I a fan of Governor Ihedioha, but as an activist and indigene of Imo state, I know that APC as a party is abhorred by many Ndi Imo. So tell me from where is this prophecy coming from? Has God started condoning rigging, lies and evil? The Truth is that there is no prophecy from God other than a collaboration between Fr Mbaka, APC candidate Hope Uzodimma, and APC Federal government. But even if God revealed to a man of God about an evil about to happen, isn't it proper the man of God call for prayers against it. Has APC not proven to be evil?

These collaborators are once again working on the gullible ignorant minds of the people. The APC government has already mapped out plans on how to take over Imo state through the Court. Probably, they will cancel the election through the Court and order a rerun, which no matter what you do, APC will go on to win. Or more still they will persuade Ihedioha to join APC. This is the plan which they are about to hatch using a Catholic priest. They know Imo state is mainly Catholics, hence the use of a Catholic priest. If it were to be in Lagos, there will be a Pentecostal Pastor to be used. I envisage these greedy men trying to destabilize Imo State. Gov Ihedioha might not be the best, but he didn't start badly. The question is why is a Catholic Priest aiding politicians to destabilize Imo State?

The collaboration between men of God and dirty politicians didn't start today. Many of these top men of God are working against the people. Most of these prophecies are given to them by politicians who will in turn send a journalist to carry it. Most of these pastors are conduit pipes from which many politicians launder money.

This is why I must encourage the people to sit up against these men of stomach. Shun ignorance and embrace reason. This is the same game they play to stop the freedom of the people of God. A word is enough for the wise.

Elochukwu Ohagi is a Philosopher, Teacher and Activist.

Edited By Paul Ihechi Alagba.

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