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Sunday 5 January 2020



The political leaders especially the governors of the South-East region of Nigeria with the leadership of Ohaneze Ndigbo socio-cultural group, have wrong motives when they queue behind the option of RESTRUCTURING as a veritable approach in the bid to rescuing Nigeria from losing the region to independence. The difficulty of building an entity where indigenous people groups of similar value systems effortlessly co-habit, clearly portray no doubt even to the uneducated. However, evolving events in Nigeria have never been positively explained and handled by those at the helm of affairs.

After fifty nine (59) good years of the so-called political independence of Nigeria from Britain, these leaders have disappointedly continued to fail to initiate meaningful dialogues that will usher in genuine oneness and by so doing, woefully failed to harness the ability, sincerity and willingness of all stakeholders to really form a truly united, stable and cohesive entity where justice, equity and inclusion thrive. This positional mismanagement and acts of irresponsibility, gravely orchestrated the cries of different people, groups within the country, that are marginalized and subjugated for self-determination. Mostly affected over the years by this malady are the people of the so-called South-East region.

It is important therefore to point out though, that Nigeria had the ample opportunity of becoming a nation, but has virtually bastardized every given space for just amendment. It has unrepentantly remained a British creation, housing diverse ethnic nationalities with irreconcilable value systems. This has very unfortunately, come to stay after fifty nine (59) years of forced and unfruitful co-existence. The problem yet lies on the proven fact that Nigeria can never ever be a nation no matter the pretenses. Divergent voices of dissent increasingly call for justice within. If therefore there is any expectation for further holding of the country's foundation, those cries yearning for decisive action against obnoxious policies, need be attentively listened to. But against that still, are some seemingly self-serving bigots, rooting for delusional restructuring while the majority see no other alternative to outright exit (independence) from the pack. It is an irrefutable fact therefore, that the dream of seeing the existence of one united Nigeria is totally unrealistic.


Whereas genuine intentions are spotted in the cries of the people demanding self-determination, closely paying attention to the submission of the protagonists of restructuring shows that embedded therein, lies the fundamental drive which revolves round selfishness and greed. Their motives are not people-oriented. Restructuring realistically, should mean a holistic re-arrangement of the country in such a way that the control of diverse natural/human resources are exclusively ceded as a right to the zones wherein  such are located. If this is sincerely carried out therefore, it then would mean that the people within the zones, regions or states, will have their lives directly and positively re-ordered and improved.

But the underscore of the call by the governors of the South-East with their Ohaneze Ndigbo cohorts, clearly conveys untoward motive on in-depth analysis. It is clearly explained from their tones that what they actually want is a Nigeria restructured system that will avail them unhindered opportunities of ripping the people off at will without necessarily going to Abuja anymore, for allocations. This simply means that whereas in every allocation collected, there stands a high profile signatory that will give validation before it's release. It places some limits on the volume of the allocation, depicts the time of release as well as usage or better still, placement of some measures of accountability. But in the contrary, these governors are excitedly placing demand for restructuring which will open the vista for lavish and reckless access to the treasury without checks and balances.

It is not as though they have the people's interest at heart, but their propelling desire centres on greed and avarice rapped up in the squander of the common wealth of the people. Giving condensed reasoning to the above, indigenous persons of the South-East region amongst others, should clearly see the resolve of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu led Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), which have repeatedly maintained that the only solution that the human species in this part of the world, remains the total dissolution of this grossly unworkable British entity called Nigeria. This if decisively implemented, will translate to giving power back to the people. It will give societies the inalienable right to fully exist and enjoy the total benefits of freedom, and further ensures that all are subjected to the rule of law without bias.

Our society must be freed from the bondage of cruelty and demented leadership!


Written by Ogah C.S. Maduabuchi

Edited by Peter Oshagwu
For Family Writers Press International

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