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Sunday 16 February 2020

Nnamdi Kanu; The Man That Rose To Power Without Political Power

Nnamdi Kanu; The Man That Rose To Power Without Political Power
Mazi Nnamdi Kanu

Some people in politics and those who revere themselves as intellectuals have refused to accept the fact that Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is another leader that is much respected like Ikemba Ojukwu was respected in 1967/70.

Every now and then they portray Mazi Nnamdi Kanu as a no body. I once read from one of them saying that Nnamdi Kanu is not an Igbo leader. They might be right. Nnamdi Kanu is not just an Igbo leader. He is a Biafran leader, and Igbo is part of Biafra. So it is wrong to describe him as mere Igbo leader.

Nnamdi Kanu is the only man that can command millions of youths in Igbo land and beyond and they will respond. In fact millions are just waiting for him to say the word and it will be done. Even those abroad are also solidly behind him.

IPOB leader doesn't need monetary inducement like the south East governors before he can gather millions around him. He once said that he will go to Abuja with millions of IPOB members for his Court case, and Nigeria government quickly truncated the Court case, by attacking his family house, killing dozens, resulting to his parents eventual death.

The fear of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is the beginning of wisdom. Just ordinary announcement of the burial of his parents, Nigeria government deployed battalions of soldiers in and around Afaraukwu. One thing we failed to acknowledge is the fact that Nigeria government deployed these soldiers because they are afraid of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. They deployed soldiers not at the standpoint of strength, but fear. Just like the few dirty politicians and their intellectual counterparts will wish Nnamdi Kanu away, the Nigeria government knows how powerful he is. They are no more taking him for granted. They have seen what he is doing to them abroad. With what Kanu has achieved so far, one wonders how ndi intellectual still wish him away.

So many people dancing a shameful dance for the politicians pretend not to know that Mazi Nnamdi Kanu controls more than 90% of the Biafra youths. They don't know that he holds the future in his hand. This young man didn't do this with money or political power. He did it from nothing. Just from telling people the truth and exposing the evil of the government. When he started so many people called him a dreamer. Many laughed at him, but he persisted. Today, you can see how massive the movement has become.

From nothing Mazi Nnamdi Kanu rose to an enviable height. History will remember him as the only man in the entire Eastern region that became a respected Leader without smelling political power.

The only reason some few conscienceless individuals masquerading as intellectuals worship the Governors is because of the peanuts they receive from them. But tomorrow is coming, when they will be judged accordingly.

The governors of South East will work more harder to sell their people, as to please the Fulani.
But IPOB will neutralize them. The people will depend on IPOB for every thing.

Elochukwu Ohagi, 2020.
For Family Writers Press International

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