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Thursday 13 February 2020

Poetic Justice for Biafra: Died For Freedom

Poetic Justice for Biafra: Died For Freedom

Thou gave it all for freedom
Thy comfort and lives
To free the land
And off fatherland
The romantic pose of
Anarchy, poverty and suffering
From the ugly face of colonialism
Smiled for long
To the pretty face of Biafra

Before thy journey
To greater beyond
Thou fought gallantly
With the mad dogs
That cruel image of the colony
The face behind the mask
Milking the land dry
With daggers and sharp blades
Defying the blessed land
With the flow of innocent blood
On daily basis

Hail thee in the realm of the spirit
And in the living
For thou endured many hurts
In fight for freedom of the land
Lived a Royal
But died as activists
Lived in palace
But died for freedom of a common man
True fighters, died in love and for freedom
Legends l call thee
That condemned injustice
And died for the just course

Let thy shoulders be high above all the dead
For thy roles, are giant
So tall to describe
Oh thou did made the land proud
And history shall be wise
To carry thy pots
To generations to cook

For thy sake
Oh yes,
The journey for freedom
Shall reach the top hills
And get victory
On which Biafra's future
Embedded thy lyrics
For thy pure love for Biafra
Thy fatherland, shall make Biafra
Great and highly spirited
Above all Nations of the world
Where thy names will be written
In Gold.

Rest on, from all of us @Family Writers Press International.

A POEM : Dedicated to His Royal Highness Eze Israel Okwu Kanu & His Wife Lolo, Sally Ugobueze Okwu Kanu

Written by Onyebuchi Eucharia .O
For Family writers Press International.

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