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Saturday 1 February 2020

Why British Citizens Should Persuade Their Government To Free Biafra

Why British Citizens Should Persuade Their Government To Free Biafra

By Elochukwu Nicholas Ohagi
For Family Writers Press International

Since I took pen to paper and resolved to be  writing about the injustice ravaging the British failed experiment called Nigeria, I have not truly written to the British people. Today, I wish to turn to them; to tell them that it is time for them to persuade their government to free Biafra.

Biafra is an African nation that came to limelight in the wake of 1967, after the Hausa-Fulani northerners engineered pogrom against the Easterners, mostly Igbo people. In 1966/70 when Britain led the genocide against the Biafra people, killing millions of Biafrans, mostly children through starvation and hunger, most of the British people claimed they never knew of the atrocities of their government against Biafrans. Biafrans were killed in their thousands all over the North. Their bodies were littered along the streets and bushes. Children were butchered in their schools. And parents killed in market and their working places. Even pregnant women were killed in the most horrendous manner. Their stomachs cut open and their unborn babies brought out and butchered. Their assailants were a combined Nigeria Soldiers and local mobs of Hausa Fulani.

It didn't stop there. Biafrans have already opted for and declared Independence because of the killing of more than 30,000 of their own in Northern Nigeria. It became obvious that Biafrans were no more wanted in Nigeria.
 Nigeria, supported by Britain brought war unto Biafrans. They came to force a people they massacred in thousands all over the north back to Nigeria. Why kill over 30,000 people and still want them as fellow country men?
British government provided Nigeria with weapons and personnel for the execution of the war. Nigeria military bombed villages, schools, hospitals and market places. There was no regard for the rules of engagement. It was a barbaric genocidal war fought by Britain against Biafra, using Nigeria government. Consequently, more than 3million Biafrans died from the war. Millions of children suffered acute malnutrition and died painfully.

50years after the genocide, I am here, a son to the men that fought gallantly to thwart the complete annihilation of Biafrans, demanding that British people, if they still have conscience, should persuade their government to free Biafra.
50 years after, the war rages on in many fronts and diverse strategies. The majority of Igbo sons and daughters who never saw the war, still suffer intimidations and marginalization from the Nigeria government.

Northern Nigeria with their many terrorists groups (Boko Islamic Haram and Fulani Islamic herdsmen terrorists)  have persistently and consistently terrorised Biafrans. Fulani herdsmen have attacked many Biafra villages killing hundreds of local farmers and innocent civilians. There have been acute marginalization of Biafrans. Economically, they have made sure businesses don't thrive in the region since the war ended. This they did by denying the region infrastructural developments like Sea Ports, International Airports, Railways and good roads. This is a people that showcased the greatest ingenuity of all times never seen in Africa, even up till date. These people called Biafrans invented their own bombs, missiles, and armoured vehicles. They refined their oil, flew their airplanes and maintained their communication system. A people that have completely shown the world that indeed, Africans are never duns.

Culturally, Biafrans are completely different from the Northerners. They are Muslims while Biafrans are majorly Christians. You all can agree with me that no country can thrive peacefully when the country is shared between Christians and Muslims. For the past 50 years, it has been a fight for supremacy, the North with the help of British government have been lording it over others. There has been retrogression in Nigeria. In fact, it looks like British government needs Nigeria to be underdeveloped, filled with corruption, so as to keep controlling it using the Fulani people.

What the people trapped in Nigeria need is a referendum to determine exactly how they desire to live their lives. Biafrans want out of Nigeria in order to be able to erect a country they can be proud of.

The refugee crisis from West Africa, mostly Nigeria is as a result of this failed experiment called Nigeria. To put a stop to the dangerous migration of Africans through the Mediterranean sea into Europe, the world should support the Restoration of Biafra. Unless the world is afraid of witnessing a super-developed black African country.

Elochukwu Ohagi is a Philosopher, Teacher and Activist.

Edited By Paul Ihechi Alagba.

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