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Thursday 26 March 2020

Nigeria: Elochukwu Blasts Peter Okoye of P-Square and his Nigerian Fans

Peter Okoye
Nigeria: Elochukwu Blasts Peter Okoye of P-Square and his Nigerian Fans

I am beginning to think that Nigerians are the major problem we have in this country. For over 50 years, the leaders of this country have distorted their brain that they can't think properly. They now hail and thank politicians after being defrauded by them. When we talk against such anomaly, they launch attacks against us.

I made a comment where some people were praising one of the Okoye twin brothers formerly known as P-Square for going after a boy that beat his girlfriend. I stated that I am not moved at all with what the hip-hop star did. Many commentators came with trailer loads of insults. Some cursed me and said they are wishing that my unborn daughter be beaten like that. Wicked souls that can wish an unconceived child evil. Damaged brains that can't reason properly.

What was my offence? I never supported the beating of the girl. I totally condemned it. Yet I said the musician should go and sit down and stop the hypocrisy. And they came for my head.

We are easily fooled. Both the politicians, pastors and celebrities easily fool us.

A girl was beaten up and Mr Okoye found his voice. Where was he when many girls were forced into child marriage in the North. Where is he when Fulani Herdsmen wipe entire villages, rape women and children and butcher them? Where are the musicians when Yanusa Yellow kidnapped that little underage Ese Oruru from Bayelsa to Kano and impregnated her? She was even taken to Emir's compound and no celebrity made noise.
Would Mr Okoye cough if the boy that beat the girl is a son of an influential person? I mean if he happens to be Emir's son or a son to a top politician?

Do you know the extent just one song can go in stopping the Fulani Herdsmen massacre? None of your musicians raised a voice. But they will go in and sing muputu muputu muputu in a country people are killed every day in hundreds. A country police will go to a family house and shoot IPOB members killing them in cold blood in Delta state. Have they ever joined their voice in condemnation?

Between beating a girl and wiping off of an entire village which is worse? Why did they all keep quiet?

You will call them back to their senses. You will not ask them through Instagram or Twitter why they are silent in the face of evil. But you will curse me for asking the right questions.

Now, with the outbreak of coronavirus, hopeless Nigerians are shouting total lock down, and I am asking them what they are locking down. These same people are accusing me of being insensitive. That I don't understand what coronavirus is.

What is it that I don't understand? I understand perfectly what is coming, yet I know quite well the realities on ground in Nigeria. You can't enforce a successful lock down in Nigeria. It won't happen. People will still go out.

It is not my words that will force people out. It is the 60years failure of the Nigeria government. The government of Nigeria is the reason a lock down won't happen. Ask yourself how real countries are cushioning the effect of a lock down. Someone told me that his friend has been on lockdown in China. He said that they drop food for him and he has never been hungry for once. He has electricity, refrigerator, running water etc all inside his house. He won't say let me go and buy fuel, not to talk of going to fetch water. Everything is in there.

USA is paying her citizens and Canada sees to the rent of her citizens. So tell me what Nigeria is doing for you. Name one dividend or democracy you are getting from Nigeria? Absolutely nothing.
No electricity,
No modern or efficient medical facilities,
No good roads,
No clean water,
No housing,
They don't even have the correct data of Nigeria citizens.
Nothing is working in Nigeria and they want to lock down. They are even taxing you heavily with nothing to show for it. When will you people wake up? When?

I am not the reason your country cannot lock down. Your criminal politicians and you enablers of evil are the reason Nigeria can't lockdown.

Hunger has been weaponized for mind control and winning of elections. Nigeria citizens have voted for politicians simply because they were given a plate of rice at the polling unit. With just 4k, many people have sold their votes, and those telling you how important PVC is have opined that if PVC isn't important, politicians can't buy it 4k. This type of mentality is the reason I say that the people are more of a problem than the leaders.

Instead of holding politicians accountable, they are excusing them.

Until you rise up and start reasoning well, freedom will continue to elude us.

Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher & Activist.

Writing For Family Writers Press International

1 comment

  1. I always appreciate your write ups. Unfortunately, they can't understand because of the factors you've already mentioned. You are speaking above their head.


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