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Monday 2 March 2020

Nigeria: The Fulanization Agenda And The Slavish Mentality Of Eastern Leaders

Nigeria: The Fulanization Agenda And The Slavish Mentality Of Eastern Leaders

Written By Elochukwu Nicholas Ohagi,
For Family Writers Press International.

The fear of being taken, denied job, killed or imprisoned have kept lots of people away from speaking out against the state-sponsored terrorism being perpetrated in Nigeria. Of a truth, this time is really a dangerous time to speak out against evil; this is why many known outspoken voices have either remained mute or joined the oppressors by supporting them.

Countless times, I have been admonished by people whose only interest is to see no harm come to me, to desist from writing to expose the atrocities and evils going on in Nigeria. According to them, many people in this country have been framed and imprisoned or even assassinated simply because they spoke out against evil.

The Nigeria government who seem to share same ideology with the terrorists is tacitly using Boko Haram terrorists, ISWAP and Fulani herdsmen to wipe off Christian communities in the North. If care is not taken, in two years time, there won't be any Christian community remaining in the North. And when they are done, they will definitely head down South with full force. These terrorists have concentrated on attacking Christian communities like Chibok, Dapchi and many others, kidnapping their girls and killing thousands of people. Leah Shaibu, a Christian girl kidnapped by Boko Haram is still in captivity till this very day. Her crime is refusing to convert to Islam.

Nigeria government who have no plan for this Christian communities who are victims of terror, pampers the same terrorists who are killing innocent people. They are paid, rehabilitated, recruited back into the military and reintegrated into the society. Talking about heartless terrorists that have murdered citizens and soldiers alike. There is also a bill in the Nigeria Senate seeking for an agency for captured Boko Haram terrorists. Just few days ago, a military General flew to Niger Republic to bring back Boko Haram prisoners for rehabilitation.

Funny enough, the world is not talking about these atrocities going on. The human rights groups are silent, UN and the global mainstream media are all silent. Nobody care about what is happening in Nigeria. Maybe that's because Christians are at the receiving end.

The main agenda of the Nigeria government is to propagate Islam and force the Nigeria people to embrace Islam. They have introduced Cattle Colony, they have introduced RUGA, all are engineered towards forcefully taking indigenous lands from the owners and gift it to the Fulani. Recently, the same Nigeria government adopted a free Visa policy to all African nationals. This is a presidential invitation to all Fulani across Africa to come and inhabit all the Christian communities which Boko Haram terrorists and their Fulani hersdsmen counterparts have rendered desolate. Tell me again which people apart from the Fulani, who will leave their places to become indigenes of another place.

While all these are going on, those we call leaders in the East are struggling for who will be a better slave to the Fulani. They are ready to sacrifice their own people for Fulani to slaughter. The Amotekun security outfit created by Yoruba for the security of their people has been roundedly rejected by the Eastern Governors. They did that as to help their Fulani masters to force the Yoruba to succumb and disband Amotekun. I hope to see the Yoruba stand tall against intimidation, but should incase the Fulani controlled military moves against them, I doubt if they can stand. Sadly, that's how the Fulani hegemony have for ages been using both the Yoruba and Igbo leaders against each other for the eternal subjugation of the South.

Should in case the Fulani herdsmen or Boko Haram invade the East, they will leave lots of people dead, because of the foolishness of those at the helm of affairs. That's where Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB comes in. The people have already lost all trust and respect on the Eastern Governors.
They are absolutely nothing in the eyes of the people. They are viewed as nothing other than Fulani shameless slaves proudly serving the Fulani against the wishes of their own people. Their power remains the terrorists masquerading as soldiers whom their Fulani masters gave to them for their protection. The little support they get are bought by money. Should  anything happen tomorrow, for sure, the people will treat them exactly like the enemy they are.

The people believe that IPOB will secure them and save them from the imminent dangers of the Fulani caliphate.

For those thinking that Nigeria still have remedy, they should stop already. Nigeria has rotten to an irredeemable extent. The only solution to the problem of Nigeria is total dissolution. Nigeria must be divided into acceptable organic nations. Biafra must be carved out of Nigeria. That's the only way to end the terror being unleashed by the Fulani controlled government of Nigeria.

Elochukwu Ohagi, is a Philosopher, Teacher and Activist.

Edited By Paul Ihechi Alagba,
For Family Writers Press International

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