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Wednesday 4 March 2020

Rivers East Senatorial Executive Committee Meets With Local Government Coordinators In The District

Rivers East Senatorial Executive Committee Meets With Local Government Coordinators In The District

The first enlarged meeting for the year 2020, involving the Rivers East senatorial executives and the coordinators of respective local government areas within the district in Igweocha, Biafraland, was held on Monday 17th February, 2020. It earnestly commenced at 11:40 am with an opening prayer said by Obio/Akpor area 1 coordinator, Mazi Jonathan Amamchukwu. The senatorial coordinator, Mazi Chika Felix Amaechi duly welcomed the participants to the first meeting to be presided over since his assumption of office on November 2019. Oath of allegiance of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), as the norm is, was accordingly re-administered, with detailed introduction of all attendees, following. Mazi Kaitumu Otogwung from Port Harcourt local government area (Phalga 3) was duly introduced and welcomed as the Rivers East senatorial district deputy coordinator.

Mazi Chika Felix Amaechi, based on a unanimous agreement of the coordinators, was supported to holistically effect the dissolution and reconstitution of the senatorial exco as a matter of urgency, for functional and efficient administrative delivery. This decision stemmed from the obvious lack of secretarial ethics brazenly displayed by the senatorial executive secretary who unilaterally, recruited his deputy without the consent and approval of the senatorial coordinator nor did he send down the minutes book through the right channel as earlier instructed by the senatorial coordinator. Rather, the secretary chose to do the unimaginable by handing over the minutes book to  his hand-picked deputy who is neither a member of the executive nor a local government area coordinator, thereby exposing the district, to the danger of insecurity and possible exposure of strictly confidential matters.

In his welcome address, the senatorial coordinator, drawing references from the bible book of Jeremiah chapter 23 verses 5 to 8 and the prophetic utterance of a servant of God in our contemporary time, stated that the restoration of the sovereign nation of Biafra remains an irrevocable agenda of the Almighty God. This position was equally re-echoed  on the eve of the burial of the parents of the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Mazi Nnamdi Okwu-Kanu, during his Radio Biafra live broadcast. His prophetic statements most often may seem unbelievable and controversial to many but have all been virtually fulfilled before our very eyes. Mazi Nnamdi Kanu remains an ordained messenger of God, specifically packaged and delivered to us to facilitate the rebirth of the Biafran nation. Biafrans today, can be seen in every nook and cranny of the universe, graciously awaiting the due season of their ingathering which  is certainly imminent. Mazi Chika Felix Amaechi exceptionally eulogized the efforts of the IPOB leader who has indisputably, remained a unifier and a rare specie of a personality that must be emulated in every standard. He called on all to queue behind this unique leader that deserves an unalloyed followership by all Indigenous Biafrans globally. Quoting from 1 Corinthians chapter 4 verses 1 to 2, the Rivers East senatorial coordinator enjoined all family members to fully exhibit faithfulness, commitment, transparency and discipline in all their undertakings. The local government coordinators were in the same vein, asked to at all times, ensure that they faithfully conduct themselves as epitome of all that IPOB truly represents in their respective areas of jurisdiction and equally drive such down to their zones and units. They were reminded that the bulk of the job squarely rests on their shoulders. He encouraged them to come up with practicable solutions that would totally address all militating issues within their domains.

Using Oginigba family zone as a case study where peace has finally been restored as a result of his personal intervention against vested interests/agents uof destabilization, Mazi Chika Felix Amaechi gave detailed narrative of anti-IPOB, self-serving and treacherous antecedents/intrigues with evidential proofs currently brewing and orchestrated in Okrika local government area by a group of individuals opposed to the leadership of the Igweocha coordinator, Mazi David Njoku. It is also disturbing to note that this group of individuals affiliated to the outlawed nicknamed zones in the state, were craftily ripping off unsuspecting family members through the establishment of fake Shabbath synagogues. Mazi Chika stressed that the local government areas remain the strenght and mainstay of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), at the grassroots. Exhaustively reviewing the inherent danger this evil trend poses to the restoration struggle if left unconfronted and undefeated, it was resolved that henceforth and based on the submissions of Obio/Akpor area 1 coordinator, Mazi Jonathan Amamchukwu and Rivers East senatorial women leader, Josephine Egesi amongst others, that more determined undercover investigations be carried out and evidences collated which would be escalated before the appropriate quarters for action.

The local government areas coordinators were mandated to compile their respective units and zones data for effective monitoring and regulation of activities. Internet (online) forums/platforms in all the senatorial units and zones within the local government areas, were directed to henceforth, include the state/senatorial/area coordinators for close monitoring aimed at censoring fake information being dished out to the reading public against IPOB.

The house was equally furnished with twenty three (23) points senatorial executive resolutions reached in the last executive meeting of 2019 which was equally forwarded to the state leadership for approval and implementation. This was purposed to guide senatorial zones/units and propel them to strive higher in achieving the required successes in their domains. It should be stated here however, that some of these laudable objectives/recommendations aimed at complementing the efforts of the state leadership for effective/fruitfulness administrative policies especially within the district, are interestingly being implemented. This was overwhelmingly commended by the house. The local government area coordinators meanwhile, requested that copies of the resolutions be made available to them which the senatorial coordinator agreed to, promising that such would be made readily provided to them in the next meeting.

The LGA coordinators joyfully appreciated ChukwuOkike Abiama for the sterling leadership qualities being exhibited by Mazi Chika Felix Amaechi and urged him to carry on with his good work without fear or favor. He equally acquainted the house with the working visits his executive has so far embarked on, to various local government areas and zones aimed at encouraging them in the struggle as well as ensuring that peace and unity reign supreme in their locations. Spotted challenges were amicably taken care of while pending ones are proactively being handled with adequately corresponding directives from the state coordinator, Mazi David Njoku.

Obio/Akpor Area 2 coordinator, Mazi Wisdom Okafor intimidated the house of the plan within his jurisdiction, to create vibrant working relationship with the traditional rulers through the instrumentality of the zonal mobilization officers. This he further stated, would be driven through courtesy visits/evangelism thrust in the grassroots. This plan was commended but however, must be handled with utmost caution to avoid negative impact, knowing fully well that some communities and individuals yet exhibit hostility to the cause of IPOB. The need to painstakingly employ wisdom and be well armed with relevant information to that effect, was adequately emphasized by the senatorial coordinator.

Disturbing internal wrangling presently brewing within the IPOB family in Omuma local government area, was presented by it's coordinator, veteran Omesi Isaac who officially sought the intervention of the senatorial leadership for amicable settlement. It was then agreed that a delegation led by Mazi Chika Felix Amaechi himself, would be visiting Omuma on Saturday 22nd February 2020, for that purpose.

To enable the Senatorial media effectively deliver on it's duties both within the district and the state, the need for the provision of required gadget was noted.

In conclusion, the senatorial coordinator joyfully appreciated all for their physical presence and valuable contributions. He encouraged the coordinators to ensure that they put in their best in the Biafra restoration struggle under the able leadership of Mazi David Njoku, the Igweocha coordinator.

The meeting eventually rose at 4:10pm following a closing prayer said by the deputy senatorial coordinator, Mazi Kaitumu Otogwung.

Peter Oshagwu
Reporting for Family Writers Press International

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